Neck pain, headaches and weak legs

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Neck pain, headaches and weak legs

A few weeks ago I started getting frequent headaches in different locations: back of head, temples, behind eyes... Nothing very severe and generally quite short lived. I also had some dull aches in the back of my neck. I saw my doctor who said she thought they were just chronic daily headaches and would probably go in a week or two.
3 weeks later, the headaches were just as bad, the neck aches worse and I had an occasional feeling of heaviness / weakness in my legs. I'd also noticed the muscles between my shoulder blades are sometimes very knotted.
I saw my doctor again who has suggested I see a neurologist, which I'm arranging, but in the meantime the heaviness / weakness in the legs is getting worse.
Prior to all this starting, I was doing some strengthening exercises (including some for the back of my neck) due to lumbar disk degeneration and I felt at one point I might have overdone the neck exercises a bit - it felt like I'd slightly strained something.
I've not noticed any vision problems, tingling / numbness etc. or any problems with my arms.
Grateful for any thoughts on what the problem might be and what I should do about it!

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Welcome Steve

Hi Steve,

First let me say welcome to spine-health. I would hate to speculate as to what could be causing your issues. The headaches and the leg problems could be unrelated but then again they could be related. Did your primary give you any idea why they wanted you to see a neurologist? I am kind of surprised your primary didn't even order a x-ray of the neck. I would suspect that the neurologist will want to run some test like a MRI to get a look at what is going on and will do a complete exam. Sometimes the wait to see some of the specialist is quit a long time so be sure to call and make a appointment now. They usually need longer with a new patient. You can check out the articles here on cervical stenosis, but like I say would hate to speculate that is your issue. Anyway just thought I would stop by and welcome you to spine-health. Take care.

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Wave Welcome! glad you found us. I agree with Tamtam.
Question like that need to be answer by a DR. We could guess at it but that wouldn't help you or us.But I am glad you here.


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I think seeing a neurologist

I think seeing a neurologist is the way to go. Most neurologists require a recent MRI and Xrays prior to being seen or at least mine did. Also usually a referral from your PC doc is needed.

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but sorry youre having pain. since you did some neck work just prior to symptoms my guess is that neck is the cause of discomfort. good move on seeing a neurologist. lets see what his exam shows. in the mean time some ice on your neck might help and dont be straining your neck till you know the cause. hopefully some physical therapy will get you back to normal.