Neurostimulator anyone??

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Neurostimulator anyone??

Hi All

I'm new here and have been reading over a lot of previous posts. Hate to hear of everyone's troubles but glad to hear I'm not alone! I had surgery Jan 2010, c4 c5 fusion and have more pain now than I did before. I've done it all, PT, injections(before and after) even tried accupuncture and at this point would go to a witch Dr if she could say a few words, give me some frog's blood to drink and cure this awful pain! I have been sent to pain management as my surgeon tells me the fusion looks "pretty" good, has not fused as well he would like, but the plate and screws have not moved and he has no idea why I am still having so much pain. My arms and hands are numb all the time and the muscle spasms rarely stop. I sleep little, the druge don't help. I'm on gabapentin, muscle relaxers, percs, topomax for the migraines, and ambien.
We are about to move to what my pm Dr says is a last resort. a neurostimulator implant. Has anyone had this done and could you please share your experience with it? Thanks so much!


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We have an entire forum devoted to neurostimulators (spinal cord stimulators). You can find a plethora of great information there regarding the good and not so good of neurostimulation.

I have a cervical SCS and it is the best thing medical science has ever done for me. My PM doc also has me on a 3 month muscle relaxer rotation where I switch to different ones every 3 months so they all stay effective for me.

I've had my SCS 3.5 years now and lead a very active life once again.