oh boy . ...hardware in neck hurts like he** when it rains and thunderstorms???

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oh boy . ...hardware in neck hurts like he** when it rains and thunderstorms???

hey neckies . . . .

i had c1 c2 fusion eight weeks ago. get this . . . . .this past night it rained and stormed like cats and dogs. i felt so much more pain in my surgical area. i am 30 yrs old and feel like 80 today in my neck. Laughing

anyone experience this?? i find tylenol helps. i am off all the meds for a while now. just taking muscle relaxants as needed. yah think a hot or cold application will help?? Thinking


haglandc (not verified)
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Heat works best for me to take away the aches brought on by weather. It has been raining here all day and along with it came the aches. A good soak in the tub or a shower will do wonders for me.


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Thank you

I thought I was crazy! I get that too. Then when I told my family the other day rain was coming. I thought they were going to ask my doctor for phyche meds for me until it actually did rain. The cold isn't helping either. I'll keep my heating pad nearby.

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Oh Boy! It's raining!

The rain has started here in WA state. I'm in for a long Winter? Maybe that's why I have been glue to my recliner with the heating pad all weekend.
I've been wanting to move to Arizona. Maybe it's not such a bad idea Daydream

roxy54321 (not verified)
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ok so i am not crazy!! i

ok so i am not crazy!! i live in ontario canada . . . ..no not in an igloo!!!! i live in the most southern part so i can't really go further south. weather is not really that bad but it does get cold.

so seems to be we can be meteorologists now too.

TerriJV (not verified)
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you are out of your mind girl Rolling =)) Rolling =))

now what would make you think weather changes would have anything to do with pain levels Confused Silly Grin

i am only bustin on ya Wink Wave

this has been brought up over and over.
whether you have had surgery or you have arthrits etc.
when the barometric pressure drops so does everything else in your body :jawdrop: :jawdrop: it puts alot of pressure on the spine. or other areas of the body.

this happened to me so many times i would be rich if i kept count or got a penny each time it happened Party <:P Party

LOTS OF HEAT. these are the days if tylenol does not work, that when my dr gives me my last script always says "save some for a rainy day" boy those words are like the most perfect sentence anyone could say Wink ;) Wink

cause he was right!!!
i always keep a couple stashed for those "rainy days" or "weather change"

hang in there hunny. just like "c" said hot baths or showers
heating blankets DA BOMB.
rice socks
any type of neck wrap.
i have a herbal one here and a rice one. that i got right at the drug store. or you can make your own.
the herbal smells much better :D
i hate smelling like a pot of rice Rolling =))
you can get them online or i got mine of course at a local fair. but they have tons of shapes and sizes on the computer and of course its a moist heat so it does the trick!!! thats how i got rid of my neck ache a few days ago.

lots of hugs to those suffering with weather!! Hug >:D< Hug >:D< Hug >:D<

roxy54321 (not verified)
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lol . . . . i love it. just

lol . . . . i love it. just needed reassurance.

ps still snap crackle popping in the neck. beginning to realize these sounds will be there forever.

TerriJV (not verified)
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darlin once you have hardware installed your always going to be a bowl or rice krispies Wink ;)

itsalongwalk (not verified)
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we are our own



You could charge for the service!

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Me too!

The rain gets to me too. I didn't even realize it until last week my boss asked my how I was feeling. I told her it was strange...I was in so much more pain that day. She said, "you know it's the rain." It was raining heavily that day and it never dawned on me that it could affect my neck!

The cold really gets to me too, especially the wind. It was in the low 70s here today but since it was windy I had a scarf around my neck. I looked like one of those fashion "dont's"...a short sleeve summer shirt and a winter scarf, lol.

haglandc (not verified)
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Now why are you "bustin" on Roxy again. Rolling

Barometers we are!