Rear ended

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Rear ended

On friday night I was rear ended. I was at a stop sign and with the roads being slippery I was hit in the rear by a car going 20. I have a huge spare tire on the back of my Suski so that took the hit. Now I feel like crap. I had surgery in Aug. on C5/C6. Went to the local ER and they would not take xrays of my neck because they said they would not be able to tell me any thing. The ER sent me home with muscle relaxents. So here I sit sore and stiff. Neck is sore and my left shoulder hurts again. I was finally feeling good. I called my surgen and have not recieved a call back. I do have an appt in 3 weeks with my surgon for a check up, I suppose that is why they are not calling me back. My question is has any one had surgery then been in a car accident and it screwed everything up? That is what I am a fraid of. I am just hoping it is pulled muscles and that is why I am sore.

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Well i'm really glad that i came on and saw your post cause i can give you some insight into this.I had my operation in april and was rearended in oct.i had a three level fusion.Same amount of time as you since my surgery when i was hit.I really surprised the hospital didn't do x-rays on you.When i was hit i went home and called my doctor right away and she sent me for x-rays.I had back pain as soon as the accident happened.Just like you i was affraid something had moved in my neck.As time went on within about two weeks every day i woke up i would have pain somewhere else.It went down my entire back and into my hips down my arms andi was getting numbness again.I was just starting to feel like i did before i had my surgery,alot of the same symptoms so i called my surgeons office and they told me to come in right a way and they did a checkup on me and sent me for more x-rays.because i had a lot of numbness they scheduled another mri on my neck.It came back normal so they said that the problem was whiplash.At the time of the accident i was doing therapy that they had scheduled after my surgery,they told me to continue but to go and see my doctor and get some pain meds. because they didn't want me exercising in pain.I started getting massages every two weeks to try and loosen up my muscles ,my family doctor ordered therapy for the whiplash,so that my therapist could work on stretching out my muscles and loosening them up as well.I just came to the end of two months of therapy for the whiplash and my therapist is asking the insurance co. for an extension because i still don't have my range of motion back and i'm still in quite a bit of pain from the tight muscles.I've been told by the doctors that because the accident happened so soon after the surgery my whiplash is worse and going to take more time to heal.I've been quoted anywhere from six months to two years.I hope this helps you out if you have anymore questions for me you can always PM me anytime.

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rear ended

up to 2 years? I just finished 5 months of p/therapy and I have improved alot ... less pain, less recovery time when I do activities but stiffness is awful. I cant turn my head. They have said we need to take a "break" and they asked my reg dr to prescribe a "tens" machine. Then my chiro said i'm as good as it gets. He will see me two more times and then he's releasing me too.

I'm not better.

I cant turn my neck & the chiro had me scream tonight when he tried to force my neck to turn....

what can i do to get the care I need?

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getting betterr

I am starting to feel better. I do believe it was whiplash from the car accident that had me sore. So far nothing wrong in my neck, but I go see the doctor again for an 8 month check up next month, more xrays. I hope when I see him this time I am fused,