Tingling in left side of neck and ear

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Tingling in left side of neck and ear

I had a cervical fusion in 1992. At the time I had already had therapy for 2 other disc. Since that time I have had pain and tingling that will last for months then go away for months. This has become more constant over the last 18 months. I have trouble sleeping because of my arms getting numb and lying flat on my back makes my lower back hurt. I have to turn about every 40 minutes. Now my biggest pain is I anow having pain and tingling in my left shoulder, down into my chest and tingling that runs up my neck in the side of my face into my left ear. Does anyone have anything like that?

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you are not alone

I too suffer with facial numbness and tingling. Mine is intermitate - but can be so unsettling. I have tried to 'goggle' facial pain/numbness - but it is never good to self - diagnosis.

Not certain why - so i can't be of any help - but i am making certain to tell my doc at the next visit.

Welcome and know you are not alone

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Hi JJones and Welcome

I would go to the Dr. soon to get it checked out. When you had therapy for the other 2 discs did you have these symptoms? Let us know what the Dr. says. Charry

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Hi there, don't know if

Hi there, don't know if you'd be interested... but when i was freaking out about my arm feeling frozen.. and i wasn't able to google any answers... i tried a website: JustAnswer.com its a fee based service, i think it was $9 for an answer, but I felt it was well worth it, and you only pay if you "accept" their answer. You post your question and it is filtered to the appropriate expert. Mine was answered by a neurosurgeon who first wrote me back to ask me clarifying questions, within minutes of my post!! I wrote back straight away, and i had a very satisfactory answer to my questions, plus his own advice from start to finish was within 30 minutes. Anyway... if youre inpatient, you might like to give it a try. OF COURSE!!! Still check with your own doc!! THere is no substitute for your own doc... but sometimes having some input on the worries that are niggling at us can help us rest easier...

Best of luck

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I have css c2-c5,in my left side of my neck,and had pain in my left ear as if I had and ear-ach.It has gone away now but was there for a long time.I have tingling, and numbness in my fingers often and my arms get numb and tingle like they are asleep. I feel for ya,and know what your going threw. I also,have pain that raidiates in my sholder and neck sometimes. I had RF procedure done last May,and it finally started to feel better late September. I experianced daily migraines before I had seen a Dr. I don't know what to do and I guess we just have to live with it,it really doesn't seem like my Dr.really cares,and I want to find a new Dr. I use a hot pad on my back,and neck while Im in bed and it helps,plus I also,take pain med tremadol and a med for anxiety before I go to bed. The tremadol helps but is not a total pain releaver for me especially with my back now. I will have a MRI done to find out if the stenosis is causing my back pain. Im a mess!! I really havent talked to anyone about my stenosis your the first. I hope that this will help you.