Zapping electical feeling over shoulder blade

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Zapping electical feeling over shoulder blade

I am a 46 yr old woman i have multiple disc issues with my cervical spine i have a partial congrnital fusion 2 spurs a disc bulge with some cord flatteing etc ! I have not had an MRI in a few yrs and i started having this zapping feeling over my shoulder blade like am electrical zap like when you have an EMG ! is this from a nerve and is this seroius ?? i am going to make an appt to see my doc soon ! Thanks for any input !

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Electrical shocks

Hi Michelle,

I have been getting the regularly as of late, so we tried a round of steroids and now onto some lyrica which seems to help a little more with them. It is important when you see your doctor that you explaining exactly where it is located and how it feels, as it will help them to diagnose the issue faster and find a suitable treatment plan for you. My doctor said they are a nerve issue, but termed it as nueropathic pain, but I also have some issues happening with cold air as well. Good luck with the appointment, let us know how it goes.