SI joint problems and aerobic exercise

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SI joint problems and aerobic exercise

If I can't start working towards being able to do some serious exercise soon, I'm going to go nuts, but I don't to injure myself more by doing something harmful.

From your own personal experience, how would you rant these four exercises -- from #1 being the one that's the most beneficial or least harmful to someone with SI joint issues, to #4 being the worst.

- recumbent bike
- treadmill (walking->fast walking->jogging)
- elliptical
- swimming (or rather, paddle-boarding)

Should I specifically avoid any of those if I have a really out of whack SI joint and a lot of issues with it (though what makes it worst for me in this sedentary stage of my life is sitting).

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My experience with exercise and SI joint problems

Take it with a grain of salt -- this is just what I've found, along with dr. recommendations. I'm an exercise nut, too, and it's been a lot of trial and error to find out what works and what hurts.
Best to worse:
1. Swimming is supposed to be the miracle exercise, since it puts no pressure on your joints. However, there are a few strokes where you really have to arch your back, which can flame up SI joint pain.
2. Recumbent bikes are also supposed to be really lo-impact (I do an upright one myself)
3. Walking is good, but listen to your body. Maybe instead of a treadmill, you can try a trail or the beach or something with a soft surface.
4. Ellipticals make my back crazy. Even though they are no impact, there's something about the motion that really irritates my joint and causes a lot of pain.

Keep us posted on your progress!

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Hi Buela

Have you consulted your health professional or surgeon to make sure doing these exercises is OK yet?

I'm not an expert of course, but I would have thought someone with S.I. joint problems may exacerbate their condition with certain jogging, fast walking and bike work. Just my opinion.

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I like all of these suggestions. If you like stretching, then stretch your hamstrings but only when you lay on your back. Bring your leg towards you with a towel or your arm depending on your flexibility. This has helped me quite a bit. hope this helps

Amish R Patel DO, MPH