2nd Back Surgery L1S5

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2nd Back Surgery L1S5

Hello I am a 36 year old female who in may starting having pain in may, went to the doctor he ordered and mri and it showed herniated disc with disc fragments at l1s5. So i went to see a back specialits and he said surgery was the only options to get rid of the pain had first back sugery June 1st after the surgery was almost pain free then about 4 weeks after it the pain returned so I went back to the doctor he done another mri and I has spinal fluid leakage and another disc fragment in the same place went back to the specialits and again he said surgery so my 2nd surgery was august 31st and I am still having alot of pain down my left leg the pain is so bad at time and I am unable to bend down to tie my shoes or shave my legs, is this normal I am thinking about getting another opinion because the specialits did tell me that if this didnt work we would have to do spinal fusion. I just dont think after two surgerys I should still be in pain.

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Hello Dollie75. Welcome and

Hello Dollie75.

Welcome and I'm sorry you are having pain still. What type of Surgery did you have both times???

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Um...why are you trying to bend less than 4 weeks out of surgery? No bending twisting or lifting should have been the direction at least for 6 weeks post op.