clumped nerves

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clumped nerves

I just got a CT/myelogram back and the nurse told me the report says "no herniated disc, but there is clumping of nerve roots and some inflammation." Anyone else ever have something similar? This is a first for me with the clumping of nerves. I've had 2 laminectomies in this area (L5-S1).


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Clumped up Stuff

I don't know about clumped up nerves, but my last selective nerve root injection(this is post fusion and a then a 2nd surgery), the doctor said that he was having a difficult time becuz a vein had intertwined with the nerve. He said usually the veins will just move out of the way of the needle, but this one wouldn't because it was tied up with the nerve. So, a little bit of lidocaine and dye was absorbed by the vein. No biggie. He said just because of the surgical healing process and scarring that the two had tangled up together. Maybe that's what happened with your nerves?????

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clumping continued

Zach and ernurse,

I've only had surgery on L5-S1. The clumping of the nerves was shown on my melogram/CT at the L2 - L4 levels only. (Funny, there's no clumping near where the actual surgery was.)

As far as a diagnosis goes, I only know what the myelogram said so far. It said that, "There are nerves clumped together between L2 and L4." "Arachnoiditis should be considered." That was enough for me to freak out!! I've read enough on it to know that it spreads, which really confuses me. Why would scar tissues spread, just because they're in the arachnoid?? Other scar tissue doesn't spread, like epidural fibrosis.

Another thing I don't get is why would I get arachnoiditis in the areas ABOVE my surgery. I've only had surgery at one level - L5-S1. The clumped up nerves only showed up at L2 - L4. And I haven't had a lot of injections or myleograms at this level. In fact, when the symptoms (right thigh pain - in front of the thigh) began, it was BEFORE my recent surgery in May. I hadn't had surgery or myelograms since 1987. (Can arachnoiditis occur years and years and years after injections into the spine?)

I see my neuro. in a month (the one who did my surgery last May). And I also see the spine surgeon (the one who gave me a second opinion) next month. I will take this CT/myelo. to both of them to see what they think.

Here's a question: How accurate is the radiologist in reading a myelogram/CT. Or any x-ray for that matter? Are they actually qualified to diagnose, or is that more for the doctors?

Sorry, lots of questions for you, because your latest posts have really helped with some of my questions.


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lots of info :)

Not sure where the die was injected. I know it was above the L5-S1, probably about 2 levels... by feeling it. They didn't have a prob getting the needle in at all. It could've been right by where the nerve clumping was I suppose. I think if the die itself could've caused clumping, they should say in the report. Don't they inject into the spinal canal itself? They don't inject into roots, do they?

I couldn't imagine asking to e-mail my doctor. The girls there are not the nicest or friendliest. I tell you what... if I get no help, I will travel down to where you are and see your surgeon. I would do it on my vacation just to get an accurate diagnosis. (Crazy, huh?)

Child care... I love the job, but not when I'm in pain. I find that singing and being "goofy" does the trick with my mood though. When I'm angry at a situation, I start singing songs I know either bother my son (to get a reaction) or some silly rhyme I've made up. Then, we all can laugh.

Only a few more days until your surgery, huh? Smile


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really really hope you don't have adhesive arachnoiditis. That would be awful. Hopefully, the radiology report is wrong.

I personally am allergic to contrast dye and usually refuse it. Just had to have it again with my recent hospitalized and I am still suffering with the hives. NEVER again. I know that may make diagnosis difficult, but I'm not willing to swell up and die over it.

I am hoping an allergy to contrast dye doesn't make me more prone to AA. Something I pray about.

Good luck and keep us posted,