Cymbalta for sciatica?

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Cymbalta for sciatica?

Hello everybody, I just got 2 new prescriptions when i went to the doctor yesterday, and one of them was cymbalta. I was told to take 30mg of cymbalta twice a day. The problem is that my insurance does not come into effect until next month, and i was wondering what other people had to say about it. Nobody that i know has ever taken it before. If it is not going to take away some of the pain then i think i can hold off, but if its some sort of miracle drug, then i want to get it asap. lol.

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So Sorry

that you had to wait so long for a reply. I used to take Cymbalta and it is great for nerve pain. I had too many side effects so stopped taking it but have seen others that have had good results with it. If you type Cymbalta in the search box at the top of this page you will see what others have to say. Good luck and keep us posted.

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I take Cymbalta and it helps with my leg sciatica. I take 60 mg a day though. My Dr. gave me some free samples to last a few weeks. Maybe your Dr. has some samples available? It doesn't completely take away the pain and numbness though and I take flexeril and ms contin for that too. Maybe the Dr can give you some other nerve pain med for a month until you get your insurance. It's really an expensive drug. Take care. Charry

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