EMG- Will they be able to tell about nerve damage even on a "good day"?

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EMG- Will they be able to tell about nerve damage even on a "good day"?

Well finally found out that this test determines nerve damage? At least that what the official definition is! My Dr. says in his report "Am going to check and EMG of his right lower extremity to rule out active radiculopathy" I guess that answers my question? Does my pain that comes and goes (hourly almost) have to be "active" for him to get a positive result? Have tried here, web md, cleveland clinic and can't find the answer...does anyone else know of any site that might have the answer? Please pm or post if you could help out! thanx!

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EMG tests -

On the whole, it should not make what kind of day you having good or bad. When you have nerve damage it is there every day. Now, over time it can get better and start to heal, but daily fluctuations are not going to show differently on EMG tests. In fact if you are having that many changes in a day, whatever nerve damage you have could be triggering something else off.
If you X amount of nerve damage in the morning, you are going to have X amount of nerve damage by the end of the day.
Now, if you said a month or two months from now, then the nerve damage could be X-something.

Nerves take the longest time to heal. I have read some articles which talk about IF nerves can regenerate themselves. For the longest time, it was known that once a nerve is dead, it cant come back.

The EMG test is one of the better diagnostic tests. It will give you a good understanding of how much nerve damage you have and how much pain should be associated with that.

Here is some excellent information about EMG provided by


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EMG tests

Thanks guys, the info on chiro was really helpful about a bunch of different things...but no EMG! Would recommend anyone to that site though. thanx again!

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Thanks also

I have the same test scheduled for this Thursday...cautiously optimistic.

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Well had the EMG

The EMG showed slight difference's from side to side but was negative! Now if they could figure out why I can't walk without pain in the right hip and shooting pain down to the knee on occaison I'll be all set.

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Had mine also

The test was negative for nerve damage...the pain is still present though.

Got a follow up with the neurologist next month, and another one at pain management the month after.

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info on EMG

Here's another good site for EMG, the most detailed info I've found. http://www.teleemg.com/