Hip pain with herniated disc?

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Hip pain with herniated disc?

So my husband is having symptoms of a herniated disc. We are having a MRI next week. His symtoms are similar to mine but in different areas so I wonder about it. He is having horrible pain in his thigh muscle and then his hip he feels like the pain is in the joint of his hip. Is that something any of you have experienced with a herniated disc really bad hip pain that feels like it's the joint?

It started with horrible lower back spasms that we were in the ER for a few days ago. He was stuck on his stomach for 12 hours and would scream out in pain when even moving a little bit so I called an ambulance. He hadn't been to a doctor in 7 years so no doctor would prescribe anything for him and he needed something strong so going to the ER was the only option since he could not even get off of his stomach.

His back doesn't hurt anymore now it's moved to his thigh and hip. Mine was my butt and the back of my leg and my calf and foot. His may be a different nerve that is compressed so I just am wondering if the hip normally has pain like this with a herniated disc.

Thank you for your responses. I'm really worried about him. He's bed ridden right now because of it. Just since earlier this week. He looks really scared. I know how he feels I've been there.

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Personally experienced that feeling

I can sympathize and have an MRI which confirmed herniated disk and have that symptom. I have 3 positions, Lying flat on stomach (and lean over edge of couch to the PC and eat), on back (often with lumbar support cushion) and left side. I cannot lay on right side for long due to hip pain. In my case the herniated disk is hitting the nerve and causing the various muscles have spasm such as psoas (can look up full name of illiopsoas), which interact down to top of leg and back up to the hip (as well as quadriceps, Hamstrings through to top of foot which further effect each other). I was told the muscle spasms were also pulling the joints closer together which aggravate the pressure on nerves and so the cycle continues. It is less than a few weeks ago and can now lay on Right side without screaming pain and now do some laying down exercises (including right side) and the one standing exercise is to help stretch the psoas etc. If your post was a panic that maybe had a separate condition and hip failing then don't panic Grin !

Hope the MRI completes the picture from the physical diagnosis and your husband gets into a good treatment regime and on the road to recovery quickly.

Sorry for your condition as well but must be completely different family dynamics compared to most of us with your husband having someone that can relate to his condition.

Best wishes >:D<

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He has not had any hip

He has not had any hip injury he has had back problems off and on for years but this is the first time it became serious. I just wanted to find out if the hip pain is part of a herniated disc problem so thanks for that info. He keeps thinking he is having a problem with his hip but me and the doctor think it originates from the spine.

That's true it's a different family dynamic since I know his pain so well and how horrible it can be. I'm very sympathetic to his pain since I was bed ridden for a couple months on two different occasions a few years apart. It's a good thing that I feel great now so I can help him. No lifting anything but with his meds and having sympathy for his pain and cooking for him things like that.

I'm right there on top of the pain meds helping him. It does get a bit hard because he falls asleep and I need to sleep sometime so I have a schedule set up on paper for when he takes his meds when I go to sleep that he can follow. But if he falls asleep sometimes it goes over that time if I am sleeping and then he wakes up with more pain.

He is able to get up and walk but it hurts a lot and he walks to the bathroom and kitchen for just a minute and then goes right back to lay down. So at least he can walk to the bathroom now. It really hurts but it's not the screaming pain that he was in the night he went to the ER.

Thank you for your response.

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I had severe hip pain with L4/5 herniation and pinched nerve. It really felt like joint pain! After surgery my hip was much better. Good luck, I hope he gets some relief soon.
Faith M

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Hello ~

Many people have similar symptoms and assume they have hip joint pain, hip bursitis, or something similar, but it often is a lower lumbar or sacral disk issue instead. It might also be stenosis or spondylolisthesis...something that is compressing one or more of the spinal nerves.

Does your husband also have pain in one or both legs? There are many little ligaments and muscles that run through that area from the sacrum out to the hip area that make one think there is a problem with the hip. The piriformis muscle runs across the buttocks in this way and the sciatic nerve is supposed to move freely beneath it. However, if the piriformis gets tight or inflamed, it can rub into the sciatic nerve, causing a great deal of pain.

Is your husband taking a muscle relaxer in addition to a pain med? Have you tried icing the lower lumbar area for about 10 minutes every hour? It would help if you could get the inflammation down. If a disk has herniated, some of the disk material can set of a chemical reaction that can irritate the nerve, or it can be inflamed from the disk pressing into it. Ice should help in any case.

It is important that your husband try to walk. There is not much blood flow into the disk and little to take waste matter away. When you walk, it creates a little more exchange of fresh blood and helps with the healing, even though it may really hurt to do it.

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Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your comments. He does have pain in his front thigh also. He is on Flexeril and percocet and that doesn't quite help enough so every few hours 1 ibuprofen. He says the ibuprofen helps the most with the thigh pain. I noticed that too when I had problems that ibuprofen helped with some pains that the narcotics and muscle relaxants did not. I just make sure it's all spaced out and he only takes 1 of each thing.

The flexeril and percocet knock him right out within 10 minutes so he sleeps most of the time. I will try to get him up walking more. He did get up and go and get some bread with butter this morning for himself when I was sleeping and he said it's getting a little bit better. It's still bad but at least there is improvement and it's not getting worse you never know what way these things are going to go at this stage.

I'll have him try to ice again. When it was really bad the other night with muscle spasms that were horrid ice made it worse. Now that the muscle spasms are gone ice I think would help. I know it was a life saver for me on many occasions I keep a bag of peas in my freezer still at all times.

Yes where the pain is does make it seem like a hip problem and I can see how some people with this think that. If I wasn't here I think he would just think it's his hip but with all of my exeperience and the fact that it started with back spasms and knowing where the nerves run it really is evident it's a nerve running out of his spine. Also especially since he's had back pain off and on for many years but never this bad.

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I have this exact same problem!!

Dealing with back spasm's for 4 years now I'm unable to walk or stand for more than a half hour tops... and I'm unable to sit for more than a couple of hours at a time.

I've tried everything short of surgery... and the reason I haven't done this is because I'm uninsured and pay cash for everything.

I've swallowed thousands of Percocet's, vicoden, valium, flexoril, etc... hundreds of thousands of Motrin, Advil, asprin, etc.... and these things only mask the pain.

I bought a hot tub... some small relief, but I find I'm much worse the next day.

I have a tempurpedic mattress, and that doesn't help even a little.

I've had steroid injections all up and down my spine.

I've taken condroitin, etc... none of it helps.

I've tried chiropractic, acupuncture and weekly deep tissue massage.... all to no avail.

My hips make a snapping noise at times.... I can feel little balls of spasm's in my back... I can feel them like little golf balls... and they pop up in different places!!!

Because I'm overweight, I've been told countless times that if I lose the weight that I'll feel better.... which kills me... I am paying someone to relieve my pain... I know what being fat feels like... I've been fat ALL MY LIFE... I am 1000% sure it's not my weight.

This is going to sound nuts but last night I ate a banana, and this morning I feel a million times better.

I think I may have a potassium deficiency.

Anyways... I thought this might help you too.... try feeding him some bananas!!!

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Yes, I had hip pain, too. I

Yes, I had hip pain, too. I had a herniated disc at L3/L4 that was protruding 9mm into my spinal canal and seemed to be compressing ALL the nerves at that level, and another disc at L4/L5 that also compressed some of the nerves. I had severe hip pain that was sometimes worse than the back pain -- very sharp and debilitating, sometimes preventing me from moving. It did feel as though it was in the joint and also on the sides of my hips. I had additional pain in my buttocks and frontal thighs, and other parts of my legs, and had frequent leg cramps.

I've recently had fusion of L3-L4-L5 and can now walk without leg pain but do still have some back pain and a little hip pain at times. My hips were very numb immediately after the surgery and now the skin of my outer hips itches a lot. Not sure why this happens, but am hoping it means my nerves are healing.

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Hip pain too, I'm going for fusion.

My pain has been: Burning in both hips. Burning/ache in both thighs. Aching in left side of calf. Numbness in left middle three toes. I had a L4-5 discectomy 8 months ago. Pain restarted 4 months ago.

I paid privately for an upright MRI as the supine one didn't show anything.

Surgeon looked at upright MRI images and said the L4-5 disc has reherniated left posterolaterally and is collapsing bilaterally. He says that this is the generator of all the symptoms. He's recommended a fusion and I've agreed to it. Fortunately, I'm in the uk and the nhs are paying for the op.