L2/L3 disc bulge

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L2/L3 disc bulge

Hello Everyone. I am new to the forum and could certainly use advice and support. My back problems started in Jan 07 upon which I ruptured my L5/S1 which produced a large free floating fragment. This created great pain along with some foot drop with my left foot. I underwent epidurals and PT for 8 weeks and made great improvement. My nuero said surgery wasn't necessary and I did very well for two years.

In September 2010, I was in a very bad car accident which resulted in some major injuries which required thoracic surgery. In March of this year, I started feeling great numbness and burning in my left thigh and around my waist. No weakness to report of. A MRI in June showed mild/moderate DDD (44 years old)at all levels whith a large disc bulg with annular tear at L2/L3. After injections and PT over the summer, I saw my nureo this week. He really wasn't enthusiastic about going after this disc bulge since I do not have weakness in the leg. He also stated there was a 20% chance surgery may make the spine unstable at this area. The burning and numbness in my thigh is making my life miserable and I can't live with this forever. He prescribed Nuerotin and said we would discuss surgery in 12 weeks. Has anyone else had similiar problems with this level? Any advice on this?

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Welcome to Spine-Health Paul!!! My neck screamed "me, me, me!" again, so it won. I have herniated disks at L2/3/4 and it is affecting the front of my thighs, and causing weakness, though my surgeon thinks much of my leg weakness is coming from the cord damage in my neck! Oddly, I hope that is so.

I too was told the upper lumbar can create instability with surgery (no reason given btw). For mine (if it ever gets done Lol!), they will most likely fuse it to keep it stable. I have SEL (Spinal Epidural Lipomastosis) at L5/S1, and hopefully Laminectomy will take care of it? I hope that helps. Sorry you had to come here, but happy you're here in that you have non-doctors sure, but fellow spiney support!!


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