Leg Weakness after surgery on back spine

Leg Weakness after surgery on back spine

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Leg Weakness after surgery on back spine

My Friend seem to have exprience leg weakness after surgery..,
it happened after he done a surgery on his back spine because he experience pain in his back after falling down. During that time, he still able to walk properly. But,after surgery been done, the doctor said that there are complication and it seem that they accidently cut nerve connected to the legs.Its has been about 9 years after that happened.

I just wondering is gonna stay like that forever or is he will recover soon and it just a matter of time for that to happen?If that so, how long will it continue till he'll fully recover?

p/s:Hope there will be a positive response soon...

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hi gary?

its common after spinal surgey .i had it on both my surgeries .its not completely gone away and i have strange sensations in my calf muscle.now and numb toes .i am going for another big surgery soon wish me luck !

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