numbness and pain in leg after spinal tap

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numbness and pain in leg after spinal tap

I recently had to get a spinal tap to rule out whether I had meningitis. After that was performed, the very next day my right leg started going numb and I couldn't feel anything in the top of my right thigh. The next day, that same numbness occured all the way down to my knee. I was put in the hospital and got a couple of dr.'s opinions, one said it was my fibromyalgia, and the other said he thought that my spinal fluid had shifted or that one of the nerves had been severed. Now I am just playing a waiting game to see what feeling comes back and what doesn't. I've had 2 back operations that failed for herniated discs, numerous spinal injections and also, oblation of the nerves in my L-3 to S-I in my back. Nothing seems to be getting better, and to make it worse, I have to deal with all of this without any form of pain relief!! Does anyone have any advice?

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Hi Achy and Welcome

You should get to your Dr and get an MRI and some pain meds. Try heat or ice that may help some. Keep us posted. Charry

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