Papaya for Herniated Discs

Papaya for Herniated Discs

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Papaya for Herniated Discs

There are lots of articles on Papaya being able to dissolve herniated discs. I am researching further (there is some injection for that) but I am thinking would we benefit just by eating Papaya. If anyone has heard of this or has benefited please jump in

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Hi Raj ~

This treatment was in fashion back in the 60s or 70s -- can't quite remember. It was always regarded as "risky" as the results were completely unpredictable.

As I understand it, eating papaya would not have a similar effect. The material that is injected into the nucleus of the disc is extracted from papaya -- it is an enzyme that is found within the juice of the papaya and it is many times stronger than what you would find by eating the fruit.

I remember hearing horror stories about what happened when the results went awry. People ended up paralyzed, etc....really quite dramatic, as I recall.

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Over here in Taiwan it is widely known as a cure for constipation and other digestive problems, and papaya milkshakes are a popular beverage sold in eateries and roadside stalls.

I do recall reading somewhere that Harrison Ford was treated with the enzyme in papayas when he injured himself during one of the Indiana Jones films (I think it was a herniated disc).

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I first was introduced to Papaya

was quite some time again. It was when John Davidson wsa the primary goalie for the New York Rangers. He had some back problems and instead of going in for surgery, which would have put hin out for a year, he tried the Papaya extract, which was not approved by the FDA in USA, but it was easily available in Candana
He did it and continued to work miracles for the Rangers

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