Post Surgery Pain

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Post Surgery Pain

In February I had surgery for a herniated disc in L5/S1 that was causing my foot to be numb and pain down my right leg. Since the surgery things have been better but I have a horrible time sleeping at night. After about 5 hours I start having pain in my back near where the surgery took place. This makes me feel exhausted all the time. My doctor said this was normal and did not give me any advise or medicine. Any tips on what can be done to help: medicine, the way I sleep, etc?

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Ever since my first surgery, many years ago, I have slept w/ 1 or 2 pillows between my knees (I sleep on my side), one flatter pillow between my ankles, one "tucked under" my back/hip area, like a wedge, and one to hug. And, of course, one under my head (just discovered memory foam pillow for that!) I also have a memory foam mattress topper.
I know that seems like a lot of pillows, but they seem to take all the pressure off my spine, and they are really crucial to a good night's sleep now, especially since I just had my L4-5 fused (had laminectomy for that 20+years ago, and the disc just ruptured again so I had fusion)
If I don't get a good night's sleep, I feel like CRAP all day, so these pillows seem to be the key to comfort/sleep for me. They do seem to take all the pressure off my lower back area. A muscle relaxant may help, too. but I don't like to take those too often.
Good luck to you!

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same problem!

Me too! I had laminectomy/discectomy L4/L5 in early May and ever since have horrible low back pain, right at surgical area, mostly when laying down in bed. I toss and turn all night - use the pillows between the legs as they told me to - but can't get comfortable. I swear I never sleep more than 60 minutes at a time, usually less. I don't think I've had 2 consecutive hrs of sleep since surgery. The NS says I still have lots of scar tissue and inflammation... I sure hope it goes away so I can get a nights sleep! Rosa