Sciatica and Spinal Cord Stimulator

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Sciatica and Spinal Cord Stimulator

Yesterday I had a Discogram to determine if my severe sciatica is due to a bad disc at L5-S1. (The MRI was neg, but I have such bad pain in that level plus an ADR at the level above it that the Discogram was ordered. A previous EMG showed the sciatic nerve as irritated at level S1, but some of the symptomology indicates L5.
Good news and bad news. The good news is, the Discogram was negative for a bad disc at L5-S1. The bad news is, my Sciatic nerve is "irreparably damaged". There is a 50% decrease in strength and usage of my left leg, and I have developed a lovely gimpish gate. The "disc pain" I feel is from Arthritis and beginning deterioration due to DDD but nothing impinging the nerve there.

The next step is the possibility of a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant.

First they'll implant a temporary stint with an external pack to see if it works for me. Then for 3-4 days I do anything I want to do and see if it helps me (which he feels it will.) If it does help, then they go in and implant the more permanent one in my spine with a wireless remote control I can clamp to my clothing. I plan on jail-breaking it to also operate the Apple TV.

Has anyone here had a SCS implanted for Sciatica, and if so is it worth it? Thank you so much!