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Sciatica L4 L5

I am hoping someone can help me understand my condition a little better.

I have suffered with leg / hip pain for a few years both sides (undiagnosed). I have had therapy (physio and chiro) and now its just in the left side, sometimes in my hip/thigh but always down my leg. Worse on climbing stairs or walking uphill.

I did a lot of reading up on my symptoms and I came to the conclusion that my problem was piriformis syndrome. I saw a hip specialist who did some ordinary x rays and he agreed with me.

I had more physio but the condition did not improve.

I went to see an orthopaedic guy who specialises in back problems (though I don't have back pain, sometimes it aches a little) who sent me for an MRI and it turns out that I have bone and disc pressing on my sciatic nerve in L4 L5 (spinal stenosis).

I have had one cortisone shot which did not work. I am scheduled for another. We have discussed surgery into the future. he suggested the procedure where metal is inserted between the bone to create the opening back again. He has said that into the future this could fail and that I should consider the more invasive surgery.

It took me a while to totally rule out piriformis and I am not sure that I totally have. Yes, I have seen the pictures and I can see what he is referring to but my question is why do I get the pain down my leg when I lie on my left hand side on a hard surface? I am not sure where my spine comes into play in this position. If I lie on something soft, its ok, but if I go on holiday and the mattress is hard, I get no rest on my left hand side.

I have ordered a back support to see if that will help me in my day to day activities. I cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs due to a stomach problem.

Can anyone offer me any answers / advice on my condition as the months and years are going by and I am not getting any better or relief. I cannot walk too far as the pain / ache is so bad.

I live in the UK, female and 58 years old.


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