sharp intermittent pain in lower left abdomen?

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sharp intermittent pain in lower left abdomen?

I have problems at multiple lumbar disc levels. The most recent one is a disc fragment causing severe L2-L3 left foraminal stenosis and compression of L2 nerve root. My left thigh - front and sides - is totally numb and at the same time hypersensitive to touch and pressure.
Only recently I started getting these sharp pulses of pain every few seconds in the my left lower side, in between the hip and the lower abdomen. The pain comes and goes and can stay strong for a few hours in a raw. Has anybody had something similar that was caused by a spine problem? Can this hip pain be also related to the L2-L3 herniation? I have an appt with a new NS in a week, but I just wanted to know if someone has/had a similar condition. Thanks!

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pain in stomach

I have had this same pain and its when I spasm in my lower back it runs all the way to my stomach muscles

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sounds like

peristaltic action from a sluggish bowl do you have constipation? if you are on narcotics of codeine based analgesia maybe this is your problem ,if so see your doctor and ask for some movicol or equivalent