tailbone pain

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tailbone pain

has anyone had pain around the tailbone area due to herniated disks in l4/l5/s1? i'm having that now and wondering if it is related to that or something completely different. i'm scheduled for fusion in two weeks.


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Here is a link for
TerriJV (not verified)
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I have but I also fell down the stairs and bruised it bad. But the pain continued mabye like 4 months even after surgery.
Not sure if this helps at all..

Take care
Terri Angel

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Tailbone Pain

I was having terrible sciatica pain in the tailbone area and down my left leg. I have herniated disk L3/4 & L4/5 I went to PM doc and he gave me a transforaminal injection at the L4 level and it helped the sciatica in the leg and eliminated the tailbone pain. I believe my pain is related to the herniated disk.

Good luck with your fusion.

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Yes tailbone pain comes with

Yes tailbone pain comes with sciatica for me from a herniation at L5-S1. I don't have the problem much anymore but if I sit for too long it'll still hurt some in my tailbone area. I also get an electric shock feeling in the tailbone area sometimes. Most days I don't anymore but every once in a while I'll get that reminder with a shock. I notice when I get it is when I'm not keeping my spine straight. If I do everything with my spine straight I don't get them.

When I first started physical therapy a few months ago doing the stretches really caused my nerve to give me shocks in the tailbone area. I'd describe it as a hot poker being stuck in my tailbone and twisted. Ouch does that hurt. That did go away for the most part though.

cndgirl (not verified)
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I will have pain or a

I will have pain or a pressure feeling on my tailbone from time to time. I was told that because my muscles are extremly tight now (due to the disc bulge and nerve irritation) in that area , it is causeing them to actually pull on the nearby structures. I get some sacrum and hip pain as well because of this. When muscles are in constant contraction like mine are they will pull on ligamnets and bones.

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I can relate

I've suffered from tailbone pain off and on for years. I, too, have problems with L4/L5 and S1, and I also have spondyloarthritis with enthesitis (inflammation of the tissue that connects to bone), so I'm not sure what the cause is. At one point, I had to have my tailbone "adjusted" internally by a physiotherapist (who is specially trained), which was uncomfortable at the time, but made a HUGE improvement in the day to day pain levels.

cnd girl, my muscles are in constant spasm, so I can relate to the sacrum and hip pain, especially now as we go from fall into winter.... ~X(


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Tailbone pain

croswet wrote:
has anyone had pain around the tailbone area due to herniated disks in l4/l5/s1? i'm having that now and wondering if it is related to that or something completely different. i'm scheduled for fusion in two weeks.


Croswet, I was curious how you made out and what was the final diagnosis? I have an L4/L5 radial tear that tests positive per a discogram. L5/S1 has a tear but did not test positive. I'm having extreme tailbone pain along with usual disc related pain in lower extremeties. The Doc was ready to do an L4/L5 fusion but does not think the talibone pain is related - more tests/shots. So did you get relief from the tailbone pain with the fusion?

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HI Croswet

Sorry you're having tailbone pain. I also have it related to L5-S1 disc. I just ordered a gel pillow with the middle tab cut out so the coccyx isn't touching the chair. I hope all goes well with your surgery. Take care. Charry

DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN

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Old topic same problem

Its too bad the original poster didn't come back and update. I have a tear at L4/L5 and terrible low back and tailbone pain and getting mixed opinions from doctors on wether or not the tailbone pain is related.

Has anyone else had similar issue which resolved with L4/L5 fusion?


Grade 4 tear in l4/l5 was missed in first MRI so did injections for a year
SI joints "messed up" not sure if I will get them fused at a later time
Had Open PLIF L4/L5 5/28/13
Woke up to permanent nerve damage in legs and feet.

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I have it too

My tailbone nerve bundle goes nuts if I sit too long and sometimes no reason...it didn't start until after my surgery like I'm down just waiting for it to stop. it's gotten much less frequent since I got a spinal cord stimulator...you are not alone

take care