traumatic injury to l3, l4, l5, and s1

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traumatic injury to l3, l4, l5, and s1

In feb, 2008 I was stricken by a piece of machinery at work, and since have experienced severe pain in my lower back, buttock, leg and foot. I have more recently begun having total numbness in my left leg, accompanied by localized pain in my lower left back and hip. The company doctors that I was sent to were ready to release me to full duty, so I changed doctors. My new doctor performed FCE, EMG/NCV, and work conditioning. They found evidence of left sciatic neuropathy, and l5-s1 radiculopathy. My pain specialist recommended ESI injections, which had little or no effect. My pain specialist then recommended a surgery consult. Is surgery something that I should consider at this point? I am taking Tramadol, Meloxicam, skelaxin, Lyrica, and Propoxyphene for pain management.

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I couldn't say whether or

I couldn't say whether or not you need surgery, but any time there is numbness, it is probably time to consult with a spinal specialist.

The EMG has indicated some nerve damage, and now you have a symptom of feeling numb. It is a good idea to have a name in mind (a relationship with a spinal specialist) in the event that your nerve damage worsens. If you develop bowel or bladder problems, or foot drop you will want to go to a specialist ASAP.