unbearable sciatica pain at 22. need encouragement

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unbearable sciatica pain at 22. need encouragement

Hi all,

I write this post as I am bed bound due to absolutely unbearable sciatic pain. I have been diagnosed with an L5-S1 disc herniation, which in itself is considered small, however, the radiculopathy its causing is horrific. I feel like I'm paralyzed to one position because getting out of bed seems impossible. No meds are helping. I had severe pain last month and ended up in the ER but I seemed to slowly but surely be recovering with PT and medication. Until... 2 days ago everything seemed to reverse, all progress lost. I need hope. I am alone and sob at the thought of never being normal again. My plans were to start nursing school in the spring but it seems as though that's impossible at this point. Does anyone relate at all or have any encouragement? I am only 22 and dont understand why this is happening.

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Sciatica pain is horrible, but the worst thing that you can do, is to continue to lay down in bed and not be moving. The longer you do that, the more difficult it will be to get moving and get around again. You really need to be doing some gentle TENS, heat wraps available in the pharmacy, over the counter topical creams and pain rubs are all good at easing the pain as well.
The pain medications are helpful, but there are other medications that might be far more helpful, such as Lyrica or Cymbaltal to help treat the nerve pain.
What kind of doctor are you seeing? Usually the pain from sciatica eases over some days to weeks, sometimes a month or two.

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Welcome to the forums- I am a 26 year old who completely understands your pain! About 4 years ago the pain that I was experiencing became unbearable and last October (after just trying to get over it and see chiropractors) I finally saw an orthopedic to get my final diagnosis of pars defect, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and a large paracentral disc herniation. I had a MIS TLIF (fusion) of L5/S1 on 5/1/13. I am doing well, 4 months out but the treatments leading up to the surgery were rough-- due to the fracture I was almost guaranteed a surgery.

Did you get an MRI for that diagnosis, did you get a treatment plan from your doctor? If so, what are the next steps?

Olivia Douglass
MIS TLIF L5/S1 on 5/1/13