What Kind of Doctor

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What Kind of Doctor

What kind of Dr do I need to see for Sciatica? thanks

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Hi and Welcome to Spine Health. Typically an individual has to start out by going to their general practitioner for an initial evaluation and then from there a referral can be given to the spine specialist. The important first step is getting in to see the doc for a hands on evaluation and to treat any acute symptoms.


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Follow what "C" told you. There are normally two doctors and perhaps several steps before you get down to the root of your problem.
Your primary care physician will do a clinical examination to see what your problem may be.
Based on those results:

-> Off for some Physical Therapy and some NSAIDS
to try to correct the situation

-> Sending you to a specialist (ie Neurologist or Neurosurgeon ) who should be able to hone more into the problem.

If it is warranted, either of the above doctors could setup a MRI for you to get more diagnostic information.

Most of the type when a person suffers from sciatica pain, its a result of a nerve in the spinal cord that is being impacted by a disc.
In milder cases, it may just be inflaming the nerve causing the pain, to a bigger problem is a disc is impinging a nerve root.

So many people today suffer from Sciatica pain and so many never need surgery. There are so many conservative treatments that you can go for that might be your answer

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