Is your Scaitica 24/7???

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Is your Scaitica 24/7???

Hello everyone.

I am scheduled for a Lumbar Laminectomy on 11/10 after I postponed the first date because i felt well. that was only short lived and I am more pain than before. I am unable to walk at about a 2 minute mark before my scaitica has me cringing in pain. It's getting hard to get up every day for work and talk about hip pain.

Is your scaitica 24/7? Mine is interesting to say because the only time I get the excrutiating pain is when I walk. If i lay down on sit I am ok just leg throbbing.

I hope I am making the right desicion but I have tried the epidural, chiro, pt, accu, mexican massagers. I need to try to get my life back and I know it will be a miss or hit.

All my prayers are going out to everyone one of you so we can soon fine some kind of pain relief.

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Mine is pretty much 24/7, I

Mine is pretty much 24/7, I have had it for around 1 year now. It's more mental than anything. I am really scared to go have surgery with all of the bad stories thast I have heard at this point.

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hartlbb you must be careful when drawing conclusions

like 'I am really scared to go have surgery with all of the bad stories thast I have heard at this point'.
Just think how many hundreds of thousands of microD are made all over the world.
Even if only 1% 'fail' then there are many thousands of them trying hard to solve their problem, and so you find all these failure stories in good sites like here.
For example oc714 who started this topic had ao operation approx. 2 months ago and has not posted anything yet.
I take it that everything went 100% ok and he is now enjoying walking in the countryside.
I hope he will find some time to leave us feedback of his operation so that people DO NOT draw the wrong conclusions from the internet.

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I'm OC714

Sorry, I have tried to get my password under OC714 and have been unsuccesful. I did not want to be someone who didn"t share my story.

I had surgery on 11/10/11 over 2 months ago and I am doing well. Deciding to have the surgery was taking a toll on me mentally and physically. I had lost about 20 lbs before the surgery and all I did was cry. The day of surgery I stayed in the car about 20 min before I decided I was to young to stay this way.
Waking up from a lumbar laminectomy on l4/l5 was agony. I had severe back pain the minute I woke up buit no leg pain and the pain pump did not help.

The first 2 weeks I did think "why did I do this." But at 3 weeks I was doing so much better and at 4 weeks I was up and doing pretty much everything except bending, twisting or lifting.

I have been back to work 3 weeks and it still early in my recovery but it was the best thing I did for my family and I. I do get some reminder of what I had but it's probably a 1 out of a 10. I just lay for awhile and it goes away.

I found a DR on this forum and it was the best decision to go with him. He was not contracted with my insurance and I know I will have an amount to pay him but it's nothing compared to get my life back.

I take long fast paced walks 3 times a day. People are amazed of how quick i was on my feet.

I thank the Lord and the DR for giving my life back.

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HiYour Circumstance sounds


Your Circumstance sounds exactly like what I am going through now, Can't walk more than 2 mins without having to sit lay or squat down, pain down the right leg buttock feels like water down shins and pain into thigh, radiating from back through buttocks/hips into right leg, Can not stand more than 3 mins without severe pain in same areas. Done the physio/chiro/Pain management/injection/cortizone/steriod/rysinotomy, nothing has taken away the pain, down to see neuro surgeon in April, it is the last resort saw the neuro before pain management and he said to come back if all else failed, You have given me a glimmer of hope, Not much fun trying to work or even trying to do normal things, This has been going on for almost 3 years and I am very frustrated,