Burning pain in my upper back and stomach

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Burning pain in my upper back and stomach

Hi everyone..not to shure how this site works but just hope someone can give me an idea on what's going on with me. For the past 3 weeks I've been experiencing shooting pain in my back between my shoulder blades and stomach.Now, since about 6 days ago, my stomach, upper chest and upper back to my neck feels like its constantly on fire. I've went to 2 different hospitals that have yet determined what this is. My blood labs where all fine, ecg was normal and I'm booked for a chest Xray and a Thoracic Spine Xray today. My doctor thinks it might be my gallbladder or ?pancreatic disease whitch I dought because of my labs being normal. I'm only 29 years old and have had no accidents or injuries. I'm also a med/ccu nurse, as you probably know we nurses put our backs in danger sometimes.Any suggestions???PPlleeaasse!! Oh..and should I go see a chiroprator?
thanks Smile

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Welcome to Spine Health, I'm glad you found this board, and I'm sure you will get some suggestion and find help. I cant really offer you much help myself, but I do know what nurses put their backs through. Good Luck with your Xrays today. let us know what the doctors think is going on. Patsy

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And welcome to SH! My first thought was gallbladder. I don't think there are labs to check for gallstones. I had upper back/shoulder pain for months, then one day woke up feeling like I had a fat leather belt wrapped around my ribs, I couldn't breathe. They found the gallstones using ultrasound. Gallstones are common in women (but affects men also) around the age of 30, (I was 26) after child birth, (I just had my first son the year before)

If it is your gallbladder, the pain usually is made worse by eating. The gallbladder hold bile, and distributes it into your stomach according to what you eat. More fat, more bile. It there are stones, the gallbladder tries to squeeze bile, and it becomes blocked, so it squeezes harder (causing the severe pain) Actually, after a few hours in the waiting room at the ER, my pain had gone. I felt silly and was going to go home, but since I had been waiting for so long, I decided to stay. I went and got a little bag of sunchips from the vending machine. No sooner had I finished them, I was doubled over in pain again.

I am not by any means a doctor, so I can't tell you this is the problem, but its definitely worth looking into. Ask your doctor for an ultrasound.

One more thing I never noticed until my exam that day... when the doctor put pressure on my upper stomach, almost under my right ribs, I nearly screamed. I didn't even know I had pain there until they pushed on it.

Good Luck Chris...
Hope you get the information you need soon!

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Thanks guys...for your

Thanks guys...for your suggestions and support. It's so frustrating when you don't know what's happening to your own self. You always think of the worse and even becoming a little depressed with every day that goes by.
I went to see a chiropractor for the first time today with no evident effects yet and also went for my xrays.Tomorrow I'm having an abdominal U/S. Hopefully it's something cureable...I don't know how long I can stand this burning agonizing pain. I personally don't think it's my gallbladder cause I can still eat and it doesn't aggravate it. This burning has never left me since 6 days now. Does anyone think I should be tested for shingles even if I don't have any rash or redness yet..??

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I think they can do something called a hytascan or hydoscan (sounds something like that) to check for gallstones. That's what they used on my mom and sister to find out what was going on with them when they were having attacks.

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acid reflux

For over a year I have had the same symptoms and they were relieved by taking prilosec or acifex. I went through a series of tests also and all were negative. About two weeks ago the pain got so bad that I almost called an ambulance but was too stubborn to do it. Anyway, I managed to go to my pc and look up heart attack symptoms in women and these were similar so I took an aspirin and lied down and the pain eased off. I still had pain the next days, but I decided to switch my medication to nexium. Voila, pain gone. But I do notice that if I eat mexican food or spicy I will feel it a little bit. Nexium is the purple pill and the best on the market. But talk to your doctor about it. good luck and God bless.

ChrisRock (not verified)
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Thanks Butterfly...I'll

Thanks Butterfly...I'll mention it to my Family Doc. God bless you too :0)

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burning pain in back, chest and abdomen

Hi everyone, I have same symptoms like chrisRock, but I have tried antacid and herbs for acidity, nothing is working out. got endoscopy in april, was normal, CT abdomen in april, was normal, got my MRI chest today. My GI Dr is telling me its GERD, but why any medicine and any herbs are not working out. I have changed my diet completely, eating simple, following rules for GERD but still lot of burning, before it was in chest and its been last 4 months, now since 1 week I have lot of burning in upper back , between shoulder blades which makes me cry, and in stomach but less. im 31 years old.
anybody knows about Chris Rock, what he got done and how is he doing? I really need help, suggestions, because its not letting me live my normal life.
Thanks so much, appreciated

savita devi

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savitadevi wrote:I have same

savitadevi wrote:
I have same symptoms like chrisRock, but I have tried antacid and herbs for acidity, nothing is working out.

I can't help with your full problem, but I'm interested in the stomach pain. Are you taking painkillers? Certain painkillers block the prostaglandin response as their method of action, but unfortunately the same response is required to maintain high mucus levels in the stomach wall lining (ibuprofen does this noticeably, while paracetamol/Tylenol/Panadol/acetaminophen does it much more weakly - generally said to be too weakly to impact the stomach lining). With low mucus, you'll feel your stomach acid. For me, I feel it for 3-5 hours after a meal, and antacids are very helpful but don't always fix it completely. I find that antacids containing alginate as one of the active ingredients are the best; sodium/magnesium carbonates alone were ineffective for me.