Burning Pain in Thoracic

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Burning Pain in Thoracic

Hi, I have been getting burning pain in my thoracic for the past 8 weeks. I have had x-rays which show nothing, which is to be expected. I work in Home Support in the community and my job is very strenuous. I believe the injury was caused by repetitive movements and have been home for the past 2 weeks. I am now back at work and it only took one hour and the pain was back. I am having physio at work and she said that the area T4/T5/T6 are very stiff. It kills when she massages that area. It is not like a sharp pain, just burning and it is driving me crazy. Does anyone else have this problem and if so do you know what is causing it. I would appreciate any advise as I cannot seem to get an answer from my Doctor or the physio. The physio seems to put it all down to degenerative problems. My x-rays show minimal degeneration and nothing else. I have had a herniated disk in the neck about 16 yrs ago, but the pain I have now is in a completely different area. My thoughts are with all of you that suffer from back pain.

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First welcome to spine health!! Grin

When I worked in the nursing home. I had horrible burning pain in that area, plus my shoulders.
I think alot of it does have to do with strenous work.

Xrays are ok. But MRI"s are much better when showing things that are going on with the disks etc.
That way you know the degree in change of the spine. If there are any slight herniations etc. Shows arthritis all those things. Xrays on mine showed some arthritis on it , but on the MRI you could really see it.

They say it is very tuff to herniate a thoracic disk. But unfortunly it does happen.. Especially with strenous lifting etc..

I see you had a herniated disk years ago. Pain can radiate.
So if you did have those issues personally it would put my own mind at ease requesting a more extensive test.
But as you know they are so pricey without insurance.

I had no idea anything was wrong until I requested the MRI through a orthopedic spine specialist.

Its very possible it is just muscular as I am no Dr by anymeans just a patient Wink

Meanwhile just listen to your PT person/DR. Ice is awesome for the burning sensation and so is moist heat/not dry for muscle spasms.

Terri Hug

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Do you recall any specific time that this started? With the type of work you are doing, was there a time that all of sudden you felt a sharp twinge or something?
You mention DDD, that is pretty normal for most people as we start to age. Most of the time, that should NOT be cause of a lot of pain. It is manageable through exercise and over the counter medications. As Terri said, Thoracic discs are pretty tough and rigid. There are NOT suppose to create problems and if they do they are NOT suppose to be painful.
However, just ask any member here who has Thoracic problems and they will tell you differently.
Discuss your situation more with your doctor. Ask them what they think is going on. If they say the X-Rays are negative, then what is causing the pain and discomfort?

Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Moderator
Dont laugh at me

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Burning in Thoracic Spine

Debra, I certainly feel your pain. I am a Medical Transcriptionist, which means I sit in front of my computer for 10-12 hours a day. This is havoc on my spine. I was diagnosed with a protrusion at T12, I believe, and I have burning pain all the time now.

The burning did not start until about a month and a half ago. I was actually having more pain in my lumbar spine, which radiated down my left hip, before the burning in my T-spine started. Now the pain in my lumbar spine has subsided, but I am with this new problem now.

You hear a lot about just plain ol' pain, but not a lot of info on burning pain. I need to get to the doc, but the hours I work make it practically impossible. I take 3 Soma's a day, which help only minimally. I have a prescription for Lortab, but it makes me so darn loopy.

Please let me know how you are doing, as we can possibly share this in this "burning pain" together! LOL Angela (MT Gal) :|