Compression fracture

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Compression fracture

Sad I fell straight down the stairs about 5 years ago and it went until this year to get found out because I was on vacation at the time and couldn't get proper care for it. Then I started a job as a housekeeper and I kept having pain and stiffness in my right upper back where the injury is. I know this because I went to the chiropractor and he took xrays and showed me. The pain is also mostly on one side because my spine is S shaped and and not centered like it should be. I'm only 27 and I have the back of an elderly woman. I'm working with the chiropractor and he has helped minimize the pain a lot but has it ever completely gone away 4 anyone? Would anyone recommend that a get an upper back brace? Do those even exist? lol It also seems kind of rare to have an upper back compression fracture.

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i have to were a low back velcro type brace, i just move it up a ways to help stabilize my mid back.hope you find relief

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It is not at all uncommon to see compression fracture in the upper spine. I have seen many more there than in the lumbar spine.

You might look into a procedure called a kyphoplasty or a vertebroplasty if the chiropractor isn't helping your pain as well as you would like. It is a simple procedure that I have seen work wonders for many patients.