Do you get dizzy/vertigo?

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Do you get dizzy/vertigo?

I was just wondering if anyone out there who has t-spine issues, and suffers from muscle spasms, ever had balance issues?

I have the "bonus" if you can call it that, of also have a herniated c5/c6.

I find that when I "forget" the physio's advice and "not look up and raise my hands above my head"....i.e. when I have to reach for drugs at work on a higher shelf above my head....change a lightbulb in a ceiling fixture....I tilt my head/neck back in a certain angle apparently, and it puts pressure down the t-spine.....spasms everything out, and if I so much as try to look up afterwards, the room starts spinning.

If I have the chance to remedy, and do heat and massage, it seems to help alleviate the dizziness, so I now try not to have a panic attack about the room moving, but it's freaking scary!!!

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I have had dizziness because

I have had dizziness because of my stiff neck and upper back. I almost fell sometimes and thought I should faint, but it has become much better =)

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dizzy spells of course

i have thoracic problems and also whiplash from a car accident.I also have very tight muscles if i change positions quickly,lay on my right side and sometimes when i'm stretching out my neck i get dizzy. Hopefully it will go away soon.