Do you get dizzy/vertigo?

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Do you get dizzy/vertigo?

I was just wondering if anyone out there who has t-spine issues, and suffers from muscle spasms, ever had balance issues?

I have the "bonus" if you can call it that, of also have a herniated c5/c6.

I find that when I "forget" the physio's advice and "not look up and raise my hands above my head"....i.e. when I have to reach for drugs at work on a higher shelf above my head....change a lightbulb in a ceiling fixture....I tilt my head/neck back in a certain angle apparently, and it puts pressure down the t-spine.....spasms everything out, and if I so much as try to look up afterwards, the room starts spinning.

If I have the chance to remedy, and do heat and massage, it seems to help alleviate the dizziness, so I now try not to have a panic attack about the room moving, but it's freaking scary!!!

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hi fellow pharmacy worker

i am a dispensing technician, i also have periods of vertigo, especially when at work, like u said when getting drugs from shelving above my head level, natural really im only 4'11 and a half. i have to stand on a stepper and hold my breathe and wait for it to come. it always does. feels so good to put my feet back on the floor. also i have asked other members of staff not to walk too close behind me as we have a floating floor and it makes me feel really ill if they walk too close to me, and i lie down at lunchtimes to relieve the pressure building up in my back, i have to get up very slowly from the floor as this also makes me feel sick and giddy, and my meds can give me vertigo as well, shouldnt need to tell u that though as its part of our training.
my back probs are in my lumbar area, i live in the uk where are you from ?
currently off sick from work, sick of pain and sick of work lol

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I have had dizziness because

I have had dizziness because of my stiff neck and upper back. I almost fell sometimes and thought I should faint, but it has become much better =)

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dizzy spells of course

i have thoracic problems and also whiplash from a car accident.I also have very tight muscles if i change positions quickly,lay on my right side and sometimes when i'm stretching out my neck i get dizzy. Hopefully it will go away soon.