Herniated Disc- Thoracic t10 t11 L1,Tlif, Plif

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Herniated Disc- Thoracic t10 t11 L1,Tlif, Plif

Hi I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, 3 herniated disc in the thoracic area t10 t11 and L1, I'm going in for suregery on the 22nd of Sept there doing posterior fusions Tlif plif multi level fusion, looking on some advise as what to expect recovery, pain ect ect.. also wondering if anyone out there has had thoracic surgery I'm told herniated discs in this area are rare, also looking for anyone that has had multi level fusions and how that went for them any help or advise would gladly be appreciated.


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Hi Mike

Well I haven't had the operation but want it. I can tell you what the docs told me. First it is eight weeks of hell out of the gate. After that it gets way better. The fact that they are going in from behind is to your advantage. It will take quite awhile to heal and you have to go easy on yourself and walk as much as you can. Another spiney on here said to practice squatting before the operation.?? To learn balance. You won't be able to bend for along time.

I do know someone who has had your operation done and completely recovered and went back to work. He does heating and cooling. Doesn't lift anything heavy but still works. He has some nerve damage to his feet. But won't let them fix it. He needs a screww adjusted.

There are alot of lists on this site for getting ready. My thoughts are this: go to a medical supply and ask them what you need. I got a lazy susan for my butt to use in the car and still use two years lator at my kids games and sitting in the bleachers. There is also a thing to help wipe your butt. (just check it out) LOL So you can do it yourself. I also bought a hospital table that goes up and down and slides under the bed. I still use this as well. It has been two years since my neck was done. Many will chime in and give advise. Stuff like front open jamies, laptop and IPod, move stuff to a level in your house so you don't have to reach up, Buy food that is easy to fix, frozen dinners, buy a log book to record your meds this is very important so you or your caregivers don't lose track of your meds. Plain white Tshirts for under your brace. (if you have one) most do. I could go on and on. So ask questions and we will try and help.

Wave Lois

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i want to know T1-T12 disc problems videos.

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Hey there! Sorry you're

Hey there! Sorry you're having this problem. I have a T12-L1 Herniation and T10-T11 bulge with mild canal stenosis. It is supposedly VERY rare. My Neurosurgeon will not operate unless I'm at risk of paralysis or complete loss of bladder and bowel function. I injured the area about 7 weeks ago and am basically still bedridden. He told me, 3 weeks after the injury, to go to bed, lie flat on my back for a month. Well, I've done that and it's really no better except for the spasm that had me locked up from armpits to groin. I have loss of sensation in my leg and groin and also have problems emptying my bladder which led to a severe kidney infection 2 weeks ago(105 fever with it). I've been waiting over 3 weeks for an epidural steroid injection in the area. My pain mgmt Dr. did a lumbar injection, assuming it was a lumbar herniation that eas causing my problems. The injection caused me extreme pain and loss of function for 2 weeks until the effects dissapated.

As I am now, I have no quality of life and really wish he'd just do the surgery(risks involved) because I can't continue to live like this. I'm unable to walk more than to my kitchen and back without extreme pain. I went swimming yesterday, and the walk around my neighbor's backyard to the pool caused me extreme pain. I have 4 children who need their mom. We're having extreme difficulty dealing with childcare and household care as you can imagine. My husband works from home, but he's actually working and it's REALLY hard with a 22 month old around.

I wish you luck with the surgery. Please keep us informed since it is very rare, and I'd love to hear what your outcome and experience was like.