Herniations T3-T6

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Herniations T3-T6

Hello all, my name is Cherie and I had a fall on January 1st of this year, in which I herniated discs in my thoracic spine, with cord impingement at T5/T6. I currently have horrible burning spasms along my bra line and pain that wraps around my rib cage that hurts with breathing. I have been through PT and have just underwent my first epidural steroid injection (still wondering about that as the injection was at the T10 level).

I'm holding out hope for the next two injections to help me as I work full-time as a paralegal - sitting at a desk doesn't help, and I have have 2 little ones to take care of.

I don't want to be on narcotic pain medication but I cannot take any anti-inflammatories or NSAIDS due to a platelet disorder so my options there are limited. I'm mostly concerned about tylenol intake with all the reports on that lately.

Just wondering what everyone else is dealing with, what their experiences are and whatever other advice could be offered.


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Hi Cherie

Welcome to Spine-Health. Here's hoping that the steroid injections are the answer to your pain. I also have "little ones" although they are getting older and I have to realize it! This fall they will turn 5 & 8.
I am 43 and had a 2 level fusion in lumbar area in 2003. Its rough with young ones (my fusion was when baby #1 was 1 1/2 years old). I have been a stay at home mom, but realistically there is no "easy" job for any of us. With your desk job would you be able to take short walk breaks every hour or so? That might help. Would you be able to keep an ice pack with you? Have you tried the OTC pain bandages? Sometimes they give me some relief.
Personally, as far as pain meds go, If they offer you relief and help you get through your day better, then I would take them (and I do).
Hope I was a bit helpful.

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hi cherie... i like

a little tylanol. 4 tylanols in the course of a day is 2000mg. according to the fda 4000mg is the max so 2000mg well within limit. codiene might work for you. another one is methadone which doesnt have the sleep effects of other narcotics.

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Hi Cherie...

Hi Cherie,

Welcome to Spine-Health. Wave

I am so sorry to hear about your fall. I had one doozy of a fall last November and I can empathize with the pain you are having. I sometimes will get bouts with the painful breathing, when the barometric pressure is falling, but over the months... I've been fortunate to have that particular pain subside.

What kind of PT have you done and for how long? Did it help or make your pain worse?

I haven't had any type of spinal injections yet, so I can't share any experiences in that area. If the narcotic pain medications are helping to control your pain, I would continue to take them.

Are you under the care of a PM doctor or Neurosurgeon?

For me, heat feels the best on my back. If heat feels good for you, there are disposable heating wraps you can wear under your clothing. Some last up to 12 hours and aren't that noticeable under your clothing.

Best wishes to you and again, welcome!