T12 Compression Fracture

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T12 Compression Fracture

Hey y'all! I am in need of any information on surgery for a compression fracture. I was involved in a car accident 11/15/05, and up until this point, have been dealing very well with a T12 compression fracture. Though the fracture is completely healed, I now have severe kyphosis (huntch back). I am now at a 106 degree angle and surgery is scheduled for May. Can anyone tell me anything related to surgery and recovery?

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Hi,im in the same position

Hi,im in the same position as you,i had a car accident and have compression fractures at t7 and t9 and i have been in agony.They are still deciding on whether to operate or not.They told me that the thoratic spine was the most difficult place to operate on but the recovery period was the best and a lot of people had some fatastic results from it.Make sure you defo need the surgery before they do it as all spinal surgeries carry risks as with any operation.Let me know how you get on.

Take Care x

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Hi MWKent

I wish I could offer advise on your situation, but the surgery I had for my T fractures were all "fresh" fractures.

What kind of surgery has been suggested for you? I would be happy to try and find a similar situation as yours and pass whatever information I find.

Do you have family and/or friends who will be able to assist you at home after your surgery? Getting out of bed is difficult at first and to have someone there to help and keep a close watch on you, is necessary. The pain meds you will be given can cause a lot of light-headedness, which makes it easy to have an accidental fall.

Best wishes to you and we will be hoping for a speedy recovery for you.