Thoracic/Sternum pain

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Thoracic/Sternum pain


For the second time in a year, I'm dealing with chronic pain in my thoracic and sternum. Both times the pain started when I was exersizing by hitting a heavy bag. And both times, I threw a right hook and didn't hit the bag square. I immediately felt something go out of place in my thoracic. I've been seeing a chiropracter all my life, so I'm familiar with how my spine feels when its it good alignment and when its not. This "feels" like there's a vertebrae out of whack, but adjustments offer a very, very temporary fix - hours at best. The pain in the back also extends along (what I think is the 5th from the top) rib into the sternum. The rib doesn't hurt, only where the rib connects into the sternum, and to the corresponding vertebrae. It seems strange to me that I threw a right hook, but the pain is on the left side of the sternum and back. It also feels very bad, like I'm pulling on the problem vertebrae, when I round my thoracic, put my chin to my chest/right ear to right shoulder.

Last time the pain stayed around for a good 8 months before one day I just didn't notice it anymore.

Any ideas? My next plan is to go get an x-ray.


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good to get it checked out

I too suffer from bw the shoulder blades to the sternum pain now for 3 years. The verdict for me has been it is referred pain from a cervical issue.

I have had my thoracic mri'd 2 times, both were clear. But the pain was so bad, I would have bet the house that something was there.

Thru my own research, I have read about ribs coming out of place, the facet's from the spine can give you pain like you discribe or it could be from the neck.

WElcome to SH and I hope that either your pain dimnishes or that you are able to find answers. In any case, you will always find support and advise here at SH.