Unexplained Pain and Cramp

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Unexplained Pain and Cramp

Hello Everyone,

I am at a loss here in the UK as the doctors here seem either uninterested or unaware of the amount of pain I am suffering.

I am a thirty three year old male who is on the tail end of an upper respitory infection that was prcipitated we thing by flu.

Anyway during the first week of this 7 week hell the doctor (a stand in) didnt know what he was doing and gave me a mixture of tablets and liquid form to shift the infection. This didnt work and one week later I am bleeding from the mouth. The regular doctor stopped all meds and gave me Esomeprazole which stopped the bleeding thankfully.

Around the first week however - whether through severe coughing (im 151 kg down from 193kg after docs poisoned me but another story) or through trapping something or what I think is my spine...I have a constant ache in my stomach area (mid left abdomen) and rear left ribs to spine.

It is like a chronic ache that is always there and I have been told after a XRAY there is abnormalities T10 T11 on the end of the plates???

Anyway, my question is could a trapped nerve in this area cause this pain as it hurts to walk without cramping up??

Any help would be a God send.

Bless you guys and girls on here.