What about shoes? Any that reduce pressure or jarring of discs?

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What about shoes? Any that reduce pressure or jarring of discs?

For example those dorky looking Z-Coil shoes have me wondering if they would help reduce stress on backs? Anyone tried them? Other solutions/brands you've found helpful? Thanks for any input.

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My co-worker

My old co-worker swears by them. She actually wears them all of the time. She would like to buy a franchise. Her whole family wears them all the time.....

I think that having good support is important. I think some good orthotic inserts is a good idea. I have been buying a brand for sbout $6-7 and putting them my shoes that are big enough to house them- feel great on my feet.

I think on the old board there was a thread on feet/support. I will look for it later.


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I swear by New Balance, and they are opening up several "custom fit/order" stores. Good value for the quality. Merrills are good too but pricey.

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My feet like Clarks dress and sandals or Nike Tennis shoes. I use inserts for high arches. I buy them at Walmart for $5.00 and they work as well as the custom orthotics that I had made for $250.00. I can tell a real difference in my leg, knee and hip pain when I wear the wrong shoes. For those of you who do like Clarks I got a really good deal on a few pairs at 6PM.com. Am I allowed to post that here?

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I bought a pair last summer when I had plantar faciaitis. They helped me make it thru my work day, although my work day consist of 8 yrs driving & 2 hrs on my feet. I quit wearing them after my foot healed. The spring coils kept on loosening up & had to lock tite them to keep them from turnning. I don't think I would spend the $225.00 for another pair. Plus the gasoline I work around when loading & unloading my truck was eating up the ruber pads. I know I'm suposed to put the gas in the tanker & in the station tanks, But s*#t happens. Wink

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I'm glad this question was

I'm glad this question was posed as I've been wondering about that myself!

I think I'll check out the New Balance line.

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Shoe for Spineys

I firmly believe in the proper shoe/sneaker will make a difference.

For shoes, I swear by Merrill and Clark. I have about 6 pairs of different types of Merrills. From casual, summer light wear, to formal. I use an older pair of Merrills when I am in the garden working. I can even you one of the pairs of Merrills, for light walking.

For sneakers, I use only New Balance. For me, the 8xx series (which they change number series often,so I dont even know if they make the 8xx any more) The provide the best ankle and instep support for me. Also,since I have a wide foot, the Nwe Balance are great for me. I use them for Walking and when I am using the Treadmill or Elipitcal machine

For Sandals, I use Clark. Has to be type with ankle support

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Tanker ... thanks for the info. I've never known someone who owned these, so good to hear about reliability of the springs. And Julie, thanks for the info about your co-worker. Wonder if she's had reliability problems?

Since I was curious, I popped in the the store that sells these, to see what they felt like.

I've been "living" in some cushy Merrills since my surgery, as they are very easy to slip on, and are very comfortable. So that was my reference point and the Z-Coils felt pretty good, based on about 5-10 minutes of walking around. They do have a pretty supportive and stiff inner (too stiff?), and the walking seemed fairly smooth. So I picked up a brochure and asked my PT about them (I was already scheduled to see her today).

She said she's never seen them, but other patients have asked her about them in the past.

Her main concern is pronation and instability in the back if the spring is allowing too much lateral motion. That wouldn't be good for the lower spine. She suggested I talk to my podiatrist to get his opinion about these, to see if he recommends them. I see that Doc working out at my gym sometimes, so perhaps if I get a chance, I'll ask him his opinion some time.

If you are considering buying some comfortable tennis/running type shoes, I bought some Brooks shoes last summer that I found comfortable (after trying virtually every shoe in the store). So you might try both the Brooks and the New Balance as a comparison. They are both good brands and before my back troubles, I usually bought New Balance.

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I thought I was the only one wore clarks

I was hooked on clarks for yrs. They were the only shoe that would help one of my problems (I'm hi mantanance)
Problem with clarks is that they were out, and they are expensive. I decided to try custom made othotics and I will nevery deprive my feet every again. The results are amazing incredible Im not saying I am pain free that will never happen how every thouse problems are for now solved, its worth it.

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Merlles and New Balance

Merlles and New Balance really hep my back.
For work boots I wear Echo's in all three types of shoes and boots i use the red insert from the walking company.
Helps tons with my lower back pain.

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I'm with you!

New Balance work best for me, too. Thanks for the info on the "custom fit" stores....