2 years after Laminectomy..

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2 years after Laminectomy..

I'm hoping someone can give me some info.
I had a Laminectomy performed 3-19-08
on L5-S1

I work as a house cleaner..
I don't lift anything real heavy,just ALOT of bending/squating and moving around all day long.
I'm careful to always bend my knees and try and keep my posture right.
My partner and I clean 4 -5 very LARGE houses per day.
Most are million dollar homes.
W e have a time limit,so we have to move fast!
I have worked there for 1 year..

As of this past week,i'm experiencing some problems with my back..
Near the very end of the day i can't bend down at all w/out having severe pain shoot down my left side..It's so intense,i almost fall down!
Like a fool,i worked all week,thinking i could be more careful,it would go away...
Because when i wake in the a.m..I feel ok!

On friday,i had the worst episode ever!
Usually i come home,take a hot shower/muscle relaxer/ibuprofen/heating pad and it eases up..

I had to have my husband help me undress/shower..
I couldn't bend at all that evening,so i just layed around,until bedtime.
Got up saturday and felt ok,once again....
We are sooo deep in debt with hospital bills,i'll try everything before i go back!
Just wondering ,if anyone here has experienced this 2 1/2 post surgery.
What advice anyone can give me..
Thanks in advance.

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happens to me too...

My doctor tells me it's sciatica. I have almost the exact same symptoms. The pain is usually bearable at work, but when I get home it's really bad. He said it could be from the scar tissue from surgery pressing on the sciatic nerve. It also could be that the opening that the sciatic nerve passes through (bone) is irritating the nerve when I move all day, so at the end of the day the area is really inflamed.

Sometimes I can move wrong and the pain is intensified also...

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Oh Kitty.....

Yes I understand!! Its been almost 2 and a half years since my PLIF on L3-L5.....the road to recovery for me ( I can only talk about my own experiances here ) has been anything but great...LOL...I still have very intense pain in my lower back and before surgery it was only my right side that bothered me, pain from the lower back/buttox area down to my toes!! Infact I could not lift my right foot up before! Well the only thing that has changed is I can now lift my foot up but now I have pain on both sides all the way down!!

So yes I still hurt intensly after all this time.....now have new pains and problems up higher....But you have to keep smiling!!

Please PM me if you ever need to talk or scream or whatever you need!! Thats why we are here!!