6 months out from 3 level cervical fusion c4-7

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6 months out from 3 level cervical fusion c4-7

First 4 months were pretty much pain free. I was completely off pain meds within 1 -2 weeks. Had very little pain post op and only needed pain meds sporadically. Then last month started to have return of some nerve pain and tenderness at c6/7 , not surprising as the staph infection was at this level and half my vertebrae was eaten up by the staph bugs. I had 2 top notch surgeons perform my surgury, one had recommended a corpectemy due to the extensive damage but dr b did what he is known for in Germany and performed a masterful work of carpentry to keep it as a fusion at this level. Anyways, thank god it has gotten much better starting last week. Hopefully it was only a weird temporary setback. My 6 month ct and x Ray show I am fully fused at all 3 levels. Most amazingly, I really cannot sense any loss of range of motion. I can turn full left and full right and full up and down. I can just almost touch my chin to chest and think I could if I really pushed it but didn't want to try till 1 year out just to be safe. Doing fairly well so far but due to recent setback, only time will tell. Sure wish I still had my 3 artificial discs but I had to be that 2% to get a staph infection. Fusion is not what I wanted but oh well, it's what I got.
I guess I'll forever worry about long term outcome of such a extensive procedure as I'm only 42. We shall see.

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Gosh you have been through so much! Glad to hear you are feeling better and the fusion went well!

Out of curiousity, was the ADR in the States?

Best of luck and please let us know how you are doing!