A cold before surgery

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A cold before surgery

My ALIF is on Wednesday. I picked up a cold bug a couple days ago. I hope will be gone by Wednesday, otherwise, I'm worried they'll have to postpone the surgery. Not really sure how that works. Has anybody had something similar?

I'm taking Zicam, which in the past has really helped to shorten colds I've gotten. I have my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery before I have to start the long, slow fusion recovery!


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I had a cold before my 360

I had a cold before my 360 fusion. It wasn't a problem. But I'm also very young, so not sure if that means anything. They didn't even require me to go for pre-op routine testing (it was an emergent surgery, but if it was necessary they still would have had to do the testing. They told me since I was young it wasn't a big deal).

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I felt a cold

coming on a few days before surgery & called my primary dr. He said to come in right away, he wanted to make sure it wasnt bacterial. He checked me out & gave me a script to fill IF I didnt improve in a few days. I think you should call your PCP and tell him u are scheduled for surgery next week just to be sure.

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cold here too

I have had a cold for 2 weeks sore throat runny nose. The blood bank would not let me even give my 2 unit of blood for my surgery but I think the surgery will go on and they will use donor.I am eating oranges and have 13 day till surgery so I should be better by then. I was wondering the affect too thanks,lisa

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I've been through this

They got me all the way to the hospital. Gave me meds. Prepped me for surgery then took my temperature. That's when they found out I had a fever and THEN they rescheduled. I didn't even feel sick but I know that they will not operate if you have a fever. Call your PCP and go see them right away. You don't want to have to go through what I did. And oh yeah. I got the bill for the surgery that never happened.

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cold too

My surgery is next tuesday and i just came down with a cold too...lol its my body telling me it dosnt want to go trew with it

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I woke up yesterday with a

I woke up yesterday with a sinus infection and sore throat. Went immidiately to my ENT who gave me a shot of antibiotics and a z-pack. My surgery has already been rescheduled once so I wasn't going to let it happen again. I had him give me a signed release to give my surgeon. Don't take chances....call your PCP.

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For the advice, I just went to Urgent Care and doc started me on Cefprozil-an antibiotic. He said it'd be pneumonia if I let it go. My surgery is in 12 days!

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Check with the surgery department

You need to call the surgery department and tell them about your cold. Even if your symptoms are gone by Wednesday, they will want to know that you've had an upper respiratory infection. I think it is their call whether or not you can proceed with surgery and I believe that is primarily because of potential risks of anesthesia (and...?) on someone who has had a virus that close to surgery.

You don't want your surgery cancelled, I'm sure, but you're better off risking cancellation than going in and having it cancelled on surgery day when they find out you've been sick. Or worse, risking your life if there were complications!

Best wishes to you! Smile

Edit: Well, I just looked at the date of your original post and see that you're surgery date is long past. I hope all went well for you.


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