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I just heard someone who had XLIF and reported success.
Lots of info at site about lateral access and implanting PEEK into disk space after removal of degnerative disk. Anybody here have this done? Confused

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lets hope

it's a good procedure. I'm having three discs replaced with bone dowels and BMP mixed with my own bone marrow next week. Access will be through both sides of the back, slipping through the muscles without cutting them, as they do when they go directly in from the back. I'm not sure what PEEK is? How many problem discs do you have?


3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.

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I'm try to find out the same thing!

My doc has recommended the lateral access surgery but I've been having a hard time finding out about success rates. You can look at the site for the procedure and they have testimonials there, but they are represented by the company making the equipment to do the surgery, so I doubt if they are going to have anything but glowing reports. They want to do a three level fusion on me and it all sounds good, but I am too looking for folks who have actually experienced the procedure. PS Here is a good website to see the surgery:



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May your recovery be positively good

I'm thinking of you as you said the 19th was your S-day. Hoping and praying that you are on the way to recovery. =D>

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XLIF post op outcome

is anyone a year post of of XLIF and would you reccommend same. what was experience like? i am sonsidering XLIF in Tampa w/ dr. uribe at USF.

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How long do the symptoms of muscle spasm and thigh pain last after an Xlif? Any one have more that a 1 to 2 year history of having had an xlif and what ar their results as far as excercise and being able to resume a normal life.
Thanks for your response

Carol (not verified)
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I had a combo. procedure.

I had a combo. procedure. Instead of doing anterior/posterior 360, my surgeon did an xlif and then a 3 1/2" posterior incision. I'm not sure if you can do a 360 degree with an xlif alone? My xlif incision was an inch and healed within 2 weeks. I would definitely opt for it if they can do it. I had a little plastic lego looking object with cadaver bone and this what you're calling a Peek?
I am totally happy with the procedure, my hips and muscles are another story right now. I am 9 months out and my surgeon said 1-2 yrs. before a complete recovery. Keep us posted.