Axial LIF

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Axial LIF

Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to thank everyone for always helping when I have had a question. My instant back pain started one year ago and I found this site after many epidurals. The information and support is awesome! =D>

After research and seeking a few opinons, I have decided on a AxialLIF fusion. All surgeons are very positive! I am at a point of pain and exhaustion and I am ready!

If anyone out there has had experience with this please send along words of wisdom. Also any advice with post op.

Blessing and Happy Holiday's!


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Go for it

I researched the axia lif, but by the time I did, I was at my wit's end and had already scheduled traditional fusion surgery. I am at 4 weeks post-op and I wish I had given axia lif more consideration. The recovery from open back surgery is horrible and you are avoiding most of that by going in this direction (from what I've heard). I also remember that they achieve 360 fusion which is an extra layer of security that I don't have. I just couldn't bring myself to track down a surgeon who does the axia lif--I had already had fusion scheduled and it was time to stick to my decision.

Looking back, I would say that in the case of fusion it is never too late to back out or change your mind or research a new method. In the case of axia lif, it is FDA approved so you are not dealing with a shady "minimally invasive" approach--it is the real deal. I showed the axia lif surgery video to a nurse friend of mine, who is brilliant. She showed it to a doctor friend of her's and they both said the main thing is that you have a surgeon highly trained in the procedure and that you are OK being under radiation for a good 90 minutes. She also mentioned that not all hospitals have the right equipment (which is why more docs don't do it?). She really wanted me to follow through with it and I should have listened.

I really think the reason why it isn't done more is because most doctors aren't trained in it and plus it is 1/4 the cost of the fusion. Doctors get 30 cents on the dollar if they are lucky off insurance--so you can do the math. It makes no business sense for docs to go through the months of training only to do a procedure that brings in 1/4 the revenue. These people are only human.

I say go for it if you are confident you have the right guy/girl doing the surgery.