Back fusion & Steroids

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Back fusion & Steroids

Hi Everyone,

I am a female age 60, and had a double fusion of L3/4 & L 4/5 on June 29th of this year. I also had a cage & screws, and a bone stimulator implanted. It's been 3 months now and I still have pain in the back especially around incision & bone stimulator. Just wanted to give some quick background. About a month and a half ago I also had a once a year infusion with a drug called Reclast, because I also have Osteoporosis, and the doctors thought this would help the bone growth. But, now I have had a bad reaction to that drug and I have had severe joint pain and swollen ankles and feet for the past month. My primary Dr. wants to put me on Steroids or an anti-inflammatory drug, but he wants me to check with my Ortho. & my Neurosurgeon when I see them on Monday. I really don't know what to do, because I know that taking steroids can affect my fusion, and I already have soft bones. I was taking Neurontin, but my Dr. just took me off that because of a bad reaction. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. I know I have to make the decision, but if anyone else has been through something like this please let me know, because right now It's very difficult to walk because of my knees and I know I need to be walking after my back surgery. Thanks

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Spine Fusion and HGH or Steroids

Hi Mindymork62,

How did things go with your doctor? I had spine fusion T2-T12 and still have rods and screws. With some new health issues, I'm considering taking HGH or Steroids. Does anyone know if HGH or steroids would have an adverse effect to the rods and screws or fusion? Thanks in advance.