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For anybody that had an incision over your left long until the soreness went away for good???? It's not sore when I have my brace on nice and tight but as soon as I take it off that whole area around the incision hurts so much, it ranges from deep throbbing pains to severe period cramps (sorry guys) I had the CT scan that only showed a small seratoma over the under the area but wow how can alittle bit of fluid hurt so much?????

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I remember when my hubby has his surgeries he said that the bone graft site stayed tender for quite awhile....something like well over 2 months but I would have to ask him to be sure....I hope it feels better for you real soon sweetie... Smile

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Both of mine hurt for a while, but I'll tell you this one is almost perfectly horizontal and it felt like I was tearing the muscles apart for about a year and the last one is almost vertical and it has not given me nearly the pain... I'm at 6 months post and my pain on that one subsided by month 4 if my memory serves...


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hi, i did not have a

hi, i did not have a seperate incision for my bone graft(right side iliac crest) surgeon used my incision for the main op to get to it, noticed obviously that side was more tender and still swollen now, 11 days post op, so i am of no help to you!!!! but best wished for a speedy recovery x x

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Iliac hip crest pain

Hey Kat, I'm @ 21 weeks, doc used same incision as the fusion (tunneled under to the hip crest) & it STILL hurts! NS said it could hurt for about a year, but does stop after that. Also a pal of mine who's had 2 fusions said hers hurt for about that long, but then once healed, never hurt again.

They punch a really deep plug...I had 5 big strips taken out--but it does give you the best chance at fusing, as that marrow is very vascular & helps move things along---as your recent x-rays show.

So re-frame it, like I's healing pain from a very important part of a successful fusion result. I find that ice paks are the best relief. Advil doesn't help, nor did the morphine....just takes time, I guess.

Mine still burns/throbs/feels like an ice pick in there...hang in there!

~Lakeside (w/ sore backside....)

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Bone graft site pain

Hi there. I am having the same experience 11 days post op with my bone graft site. A friend of mine who is a nurse explained that the bone graft incision is acutally deeper than the surgery site for fusion, hence it is expected that it will be very, very sore. My main incision seems much "happier" than the left hip site. Ugh. It is right over my sacral dimple.

On the plus side, xrays done a week after surgery confirm that all of my pedicle screws and cages are prefectly in place. yipee...... Hang in there. Kathy

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Bone Graft Site

Yep! It hurts like a xxxx for a while, especially when you try to turn over in bed, right? At 5 months out, mine has greatly improved. I still make myself turn over slowly, though. It really hurt bad until about the 4 month mark. Have patience, it will get better.

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last fusion used my own bone

Just had 2nd fusion and refused to use iliac bone.Took a year for it to stop hurting and still after 14 yrs its ridden with arthritis, and aches and throbs. My NS told me they dont do this procedure any more.I am surprised you just had this done. My last fusion on 11.20/08 they used bone from the lami site. I know and remember that pain. Like an axe slamming full force above my hip. Keep it iced. It does get better but I found the first year it was Hell. I am telling you this from MY perspective. Obviously if evryone had as much pain as i did they wouldnt do it.My thoughts are with you and you will get thru this. Possibly cortisone injections will do the trick to reduce pain and inflammation. They are remarkable for iliac crest pain. Best wishes for a speedy recovery

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no pain

My graft site Pain went away after two weeks and was taken through the same cut in my back. I used comfrey cream on the whole site from begining of week two till week 5 three times a day and now just once a day for the healing of the other connective tissues / bone disrupted. I noticed a drop in the pain after using the cream...but I also know the surgeon placed some gelfoam stuff in the graft site during the operation does that make a difference? It was so stingy the first week though I remember that.

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bone graph and fusion

hello i have had 2 fusions on my L3-4 twice , just recent i had wire fusion on my S1-2 i had fractures do a bone graph was done,have been feeling good not to much pain ,then tonite i moved wrong and popped about passed out with pain ..i was told when the pain block wore off then i would feel the graph this pain normal or have i hurt my self, as long as i dont move im good normally i have a very high pain level and dont require much meds..i had no problems with the first fusion until almost 1 yr out then i popped the graph dr used quite growing or died .. so he went back in and put bigger screws and more bone there(not mine) and all has been well march will be 1 yr on that second one..the last one was Jan28 i understand some pain but was not counting on this very intense stabbing ..