Chair recommendations? Post-op (ALIF L4/5 L5/S1)

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Chair recommendations? Post-op (ALIF L4/5 L5/S1)

Hi there,

I am 1-week post sugery and having a hard time figuring out where to sit! For right now, I'm moving between the bed and one of our dining room chairs but I would love a comfortable chair to sit in. We have a la-z-boy but for now it's too cushiony and I was told by the PT and OT in the hospital that it's not good post-surgery or really at all. I tried out the zero-gravity chair but it's pretty expensive and don't want to be sucked into buying something that isn't what they claim. Do any of you know if the zero-gravity chairs are really that beneficial for backs? Are there any other chair recommendations out there?


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It is really hard to find a

It is really hard to find a comfortable place to sit - especially at only one week post-surgery. I am just within the last couple of weeks finding it comfortable to sit for much time at all. However, I did find two things that sort of worked for me. Most comfortable was reclining on my side sort of propped up on the couch. I used several pillows - one small one behind my back and two larger ones in the corner to recline on. Also, I could be in the recliner for about an hour at a time if I used lots of pillows sort of tucked in around me, my feet up as far as they would go, and was slightly on my side. (I hope this makes some sense. It is hard to describe.) You just have to really experiment with the pillows until you find something comfortable. I also found that I had to get up and move at least every hour - even if I only walked around for 2 or 3 minutes it helped.

Good luck - finding a comfy position is one of the most difficult parts of this recovery!

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I sit

predominately in my computer chair. Often even when I watch Tv or have a meal. It is my most comfy chair.
My sofa chair was too low and too soft but I di buy a very firm foam cushion to put under the existing cushion and it is quite good, just not for long periods.
it will get easier for you as time goes on so dont go buying anything really expensive just yet.
Remember, use only chaire that have arms so you can support yourself when you get up and dont sit in low chairs as it puts pressure on the lumber spine just getting in and out of them.

Blessings Sara Angel

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Lindsay, I asked the same

Lindsay, I asked the same type of question before my surgery as I was thinking of buying a recliner. Pretty much the consensus was don't bother to spend the money. I know it was pretty depressing for the first 6 weeks feeling like I was confined to my bedroom. I rested in bed or I walked. I only sat for meals at a high table or in the car if necessary to go somewhere. I have a very cushy sectional and it was just not comfortable. I did prop pillows a couple times to kinda recline on it, but never tolerated for long. At 6 weeks I bought a really nice recliner only to find it was difficult to put the feet up (no BLT) and I actually ended up with a sciatic flare up that I attribute to it. Now after 10 weeks I can sit in the recliner (usually against an ice pack Wink ) cause I am now allowed and able to bend/twist a little. My recliner has a zero gravity feature which just means as you put the head farther back, the feet come higher up. Chairs are just a challenge for us Spineys. It will get easier as time passes. Good-luck, Hug Cali-Sue

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Shortly after returning home from surgery, my son brought my office chair upstairs from the lower level family room into the dining room. He also brought up my laptop, bless his heart! I have found that out of all the chairs I have encountered since my surgery, it has been the best for me. He was able to raise it up, so it was easy to sit down in, and stand up. Plus, it has a lumbar support. It is upholstered just enough that my butt does not get tired, yet it is not too soft. In addition, it does swivel so that it is easy to turn away from the table without twisting. The only thing is that it does have rollers, which could be a problem if you started to sit down and it moved. However, mine is on a large area rug that stabilizes it. It was relatively inexpensive when I bought it on sale from an office supply chair. I am glad my son thought about it! It worked well for me.

Take care!

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Brace and Chair

If you wear your back brace and sit in a computer chair (or other ergonomical chair) it isn't so bad. But, don't sit for long periods of time. If you can tolerate it, try standing for a while. Bone grows better under stress.


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Hi Lindsay,

Hi Lindsay,

You hit the nail on the head; for many of us finding the right chair after surgery is one of our biggest challenges. Like Angel said, at first the best chair was a ergonomic computer chair, and even now, close to 6 months after surgery, I still use one a lot. When I visit friends, if their other chairs ar not comfy, I just ask to use a computer chair. That usually works, although at first you need one with arm rests.

As far as the zero-gravity chair goes, my husband talked me into it, saying that I'll probably use it for the rest of my life. And yes, it was way more expensive than I wanted to pay. Now I use it when I am watching TV, or reading. I have one with microfiber cover, and I had to put a dawn tcover over it to soften the cushion a bit. Would I buy it again? I am not sure, it helped a lot at first, but now maybe some other recliner chairs would do the same job, and would cost less. Another idea would be to rent one for a month or so and see.


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High backed computer chair...

is a must!!! After surgery I could only lay in my bed and sit on the hard kitchen table chair....Someone on here mentioned a High back computer chair with the arms on it and surely enough it worked!!! You can just grab one at walmart for like 50 dollars....that'll do the trick. I used it for three months.

God Bless,
Christina Smile

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i know this post is old but i

i know this post is old but i take these to mean that you are all able to sit on couches/recliners better now...longer after surgery?