Chronic thoracic pain!!

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Chronic thoracic pain!!

Im a student and have middle back pain (sometimes slighty higher but never lower back) for many years now and still have not found a solution. I have been chiropractor many times but only provides temporary relief.

I am a student so I spend alot of time sitting althrough I take regular breaks every 40 minutes to stretch out the back a little. Im not sure wherether the years of sitting and slouching are catching up to me even though i have a better sitting position at the desk now.

I also do weight lifting for many years so im not sure if I have muscle imbalances in the back/body, I think I may have a strong lower back but no so much traps. Also have fairly severe anterior pelvic tilt but it should cause lower back pain in which I have none.

I've started to foam roll, use tennis balls to hit tender spots, stretch hipflexors/thighs to help anterior pelvic tilt but still no improvement in thoracic back pain.

Any help will be much appriciated!

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Have you been to a physiatrist?

Hi and welcome here.

'Conservative' treatment (non surgical) is always suggested first. Many people try chiro's, acupuncture, massage, physio therapy etc, as I have too. Reading and learning here has revealed that there is a specialist type of doctor called a physiatrist (google it and is in the sites glossary). They "specialize in a wide variety of nonsurgical treatments for the musculoskeletal system".
As always, discuss your symptoms with your PCP / GP, discuss your options and his recommendation. I would suggest talking about the above therapies and requesting a referral to a good physiatrist.
May you be pain free soon and please keep us informed on how your going. We're interested to see what helps you.