Cold weather post surgery

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Cold weather post surgery

I live in Denver where todau it has been snowing all day. I really feel the apin on days like today :jawdrop: Does anyone have any tips on how to handle it? I can not miss work: I am curretnly a one person office; my assistant is at another location until January and when I am gone nothing gets done! I have requested a transfer to a warmer location from my company, but they move as quickly as molasses in January. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks!

Ajay_Singh (not verified)
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im goiing in for surgery in

im goiing in for surgery in 2-3 weeks and was kinda of worried about being all tense from the cold. what im going to be doing is just making myslef as warm as possible and prob using a heat pack and such

buckyD (not verified)
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Thanks for the response! I

Thanks for the response! I hope your surgery goes well! Smile

Pika (not verified)
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Surgery in cold weather

I had a 360 fusion 11/10/2008. I live in Wisconsin so I know cold! I haven't had an issue so far maybe because it has not been too cold. Before surgery I always knew the cold was coming and felt it in my back when I was out too long in the cold. I walk outside and feel fine so I think you will too but everyone is different. Maybe we just wish it was warmer where we live... Best Wishes to you!

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I never had any problems with cold weather until I had my fusion. For me I think it's only the hardware that seems to get cold when I'm outside and feels uncomfortable. But I must not have as much muscle and meat back there as some people, because I can feel my screws and rods with my fingers... And I know a lot of people here said that they can't, and that I shouldn't be able to. So for me that may be part of it. But yeah, I never had any stiffness before my MicroD, or after my MicroD... Now with my fusion I use the heating pad in the morning for a little bit, and it helps a LOT.

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Hi Bucky

That's great if you can get a transfer to a warmer place to work. You'd be leaving all your Doctors behind. Can you apply directly to the place where you want to work? Maybe that'll help it move faster. I have my heating pad on me a lot to help with the pain 20 minutes at a time only though. Take care. Charry

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I live in Denver too and my neck has been hurting with all this cold and snow we've had. I don't know what to tell you to feel better, but thought I'd let you know that there's someone on this board that's there with ya. Smile

For me, when I hurt like this I take pain meds and that seems to help. Maybe a really nice scarf? Laughing

Take care and I hope you feel better!

Carol (not verified)
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I'm in Michigan....damp cold

I'm in Michigan....damp cold with the Great Lakes. I don't notice having any worse of a problem on cold days and I walk outside. I wear my longunderwear and lots of polartech. I have an LLBean coat that's suppose to be warm to -20 and it does a good job. I've also heard of ppl who get thermawraps at the drugstore and use them around their back when they walk. Let us know what you come up with.

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1st time now...

...with winter & oh man! Who needs the Weather Channel?! I missed school Monday due to the lousy storm here & I sure can feel my hardware (and whole back) now reacting to any changes in air pressure (low barometer) storm fronts, damp weather, cold...ugh!
I also live along a Great Lake...not so great now!
Anyone who has any good ideas? Please let me know! NS said that's just what I'll have to live with now, unless we move to Arizona! Something about the hardware reacting to the weather, which sends the muscles into spasm, which causes the nerves to, huh!
Also now have weather-related retrun of the sciatica that drove me to the fusion last year....! Right leg/foot dead but burning, least something here is HOT~!

Another painful Badger... ~~Lakeside
Thank God for Valuim/Chardonnay & a good woodstove!

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I agree with the stick on pads made for whatever the body part you have that hurts. I'm thankful for heated seats in my car because I leave straight from my heating pad in my recliner to my heating pad in my seat on the way to work. I can't stand when my teeth chatter because it's then that I get reminded of the metal in the back of my throat. Do you spend much time outdoors? Anything made of Polartec material is the warmest thing on earth. Their ear muffs scarves, jackets and they are one incredible company who deserves a tremendous amount of respect for the way they treat their employees. They have things that you can layer too which might be helpful as the day may get warmer in the afternoon than it was when you walked outside first thing in the morning. They have windproof and waterproof wear. Check LL Bean as somone else suggested. On a side note I had accounts in Denver at one time and it seemed the only time my company ever wanted me to go visit them was in the dead of Winter. I never could understand why I couldn't wait until Summer or Spring so I know that biting cold you're feeling.

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fusion and cold weather

I agree that the cold may make some of us uncomfortable...not sure if it is from tensing up the hardware making the body colder. This Saturday, I was outside for a along time taking a tour of the new Yankee Stadium. (my son is a carpenter working on the job!)..anyway..alot of walking and it was cold. I was very dressed for the weather. Well, I could barely move by the end of the nite (we went to dinner after the tour) and this morning was h**ll!! Even now (it is nite for me) I am still very stiff and painful. Gonna be along winter I guess..