Cost of Lumbar Fusion surgery - $90 K

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Cost of Lumbar Fusion surgery - $90 K

Just thought I would post this in case anyone out there does a search to find out the cost of a lumber fusion surgery. I am sure it can differ depending on location and exact type of surgery but I thought I would post a ball park in case anyone is interested.

My insurance, of course paid the U&C cost - it was $5500.00 to the surgeon (instead of the $30K billed) and $24K to the hospital (1 night) instead of the $60K billed.

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My cost experience - Spinal Fusion

My hospital billed BC/BS $93,000 for surgery costs and 3 day stay in the hospital. Of that, the insurance paid $61,000.

My doctor billed the insurance $19,400 and was paid about $6000.

The anesthesiologist charged $5000, but was paid $2000.

This surgery is expensive.

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my cost

mine was 115,000 to hosp. insurance paid all but 250. had 2 dr.s to begin with ended up with 6. All of them paid at 100% being 2500. each surgeon and the other 4 Drs were in the nieghborhood of 800. each. stayed 21 days.

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My surgery total was

My surgery total was $160,000

Of that:

Titanium Implants: $130,000
Surgeons Fee: $20,000
Hospital Stay: $10,000

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My surgery was nearly $200K!

I had a plif, decompression and cyst removal. In operation for 6 hours. 3 nights. BCBS billed hospital $189 K and paid $110. Did not include surgeon's fee etc. Unbelievable. This was in a small town north of Atlanta, GA.

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Hey, I saw you had a surgery


I saw you had a surgery involving titanium. I'm having something similar in September. Can you read my post and give me your thoughts? I'm a young person *much like yourself* and wanted to know if this was indeed something that worked. I'm 23 and don't want to live with the pain I'm in now, but I also don't want to have surgery if it isn't totally necessary. What are your restrictions?


Here is my post:

Estimated Cost of my Surgery: 70k-90K
Dynesys Stabilization at L5/S1

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It's expensive

I ended up with two surgeries - the first one from the back to place the rods and screws, the second, four days later through the front to put in the dowels of bone graft for the fusion. I was in the hospital a week, and my bill was $160,000 also.


3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.

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Cost of Spinal Fusion

Hi everyone I just had an L2 L3 L4 L5 Laminectomy Revision and Fusion with instrumentation with Bone graft on April 27 2011 and the cost of the Hospital stay for 7 days was $124,000 now I was scheduled to get out on Saturday a 3 day stay but lucky me I got a bad infection and need emergency surgery on Saturday morning thus the 4 extra days...the Surgery itself cost approx $225,00 my Dr. was paid approx $90,00 from Ins, Co. the Anestethiologis was $6000 paid $3000 then the extra surgery was $40,000 for drain,clean out and removal of some more lamina and re-sutured and staples...the Anest...for that $3000 paid $1500 plus some other things were over all the cost was approx $400,000 luckily we had good ins..and will only pay approx $2000 I have S.S disability part A which paid the entire Hospital stay...

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Wow - levels of charges/cost outrageous

Wow, getting up to speed, since my last surgery for ACDF in 1995 was $42,000 3-levels can't recall pay-offs

My pending possible C-Spine surgery:

anterior + posterior, 3 levels of instrumentation front and 4 levels instrumentation back, estimated surgery time 9-11 hrs, 24-48 hr hospital stay (prevent infection risks)

Out-of-State Hilton Hotel Pre-Surgery & Post Surgery + Airfare = Est. $1,800 out of pocket

I have Medicare & Anthem BC BS, I cringe to see what my balance I'd pay !!?!

Anyone venture to guess?


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I had my plif of L5/S1 done in March 18th, 2011. I stayed 2 nights. Surgery was 6 hours. One level so 4 screws and 2 rods.

Hospital charged insurance $63,000. Harware was $54,000. Surgeon was $35,000. Other charges for scans, x-rays, MRI, and other things was around $15,000.

I agree that this is one expensive surgery. The costs are still rising since I am starting PT and will still have continuing x-rays being taken.

Then 5 weeks after my back surgery, I had appendicitis so my insurance is seeing another $16,000 tagged on to my insurance claims. lol

Next, I have to have a few female problems taken care of so who knows how much that will be.

I don't think my insurance company will like me very much by the end of this year. lol

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$140K by the time all done

$140K by the time all done with L5/S1 ALIF here in NYork!