Did second opinion really make a difference?

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Did second opinion really make a difference?

My family wants me to get a second opinion on my herniations and what to do. I like the guy i have chosen and feel good about my choice. Did it really make a difference when you got a second opinion?



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second opinion

yeah my second opinion had a totally different asessment of my condition than my first but if u feel good with this doc then I would stay with him. good luck with whatever you choose!!

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second opinion

Hiya Angela Grin i had a second opinion and yes it did make a difference, as the view point was totally different and also was explained to me in more detail Thinking . I always say with our kind of conditions you cannot be too careful, so a second opinion is not going to hurt! Grin

Angie xx

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My first opinion was for an

My first opinion was for an "open" surgery and fusing L2 to S1 with a 16" scar. My second opinion was Minimally invasive and 5 2" scars and fusion of L5-S1. I also got a third opinion who agreed with second opinion.

Please get a second opinion, you never know!


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Second opinion

Yes, I have also gotten the second opinion, but I went with the first surgeon. Even though I know i trust my surgeon and he has done several spinal operations on me, I still get the second opinion even now. You might ask why, has a lot to do with not selling myself short on any new ideas that might be out there and confirms my faith in my choice. I have been fortunate that my second opinions have confirmed the exact same procedures he had already decided on, so there was no changing on the procedure. So I never had to debate on which way to go on surgery.

One thing important on the second opinions is I didn't tell the second opinion what was proposed or whom the first surgeon was. So it was a true second opinion, and not just someone going along with what one of their fellow co-workers had said.

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Yes, yes, and yes!

It did.
For my 1st surgery, I got a 2nd opinion.
For my 2nd surgery, even if I used the same surgeon, HE told me to get a 2nd opinion b/c he's human. I actually got 7 total opinions. Why? Because the 2nd guy said the same as the first but I had a concern that they 'talked' in advance. When I went for the 3rd opinion, I got a different one. From there...I had made my choice on what type of surgery to do but I had to understand better to help make sure I was making the right choice regardless of if it was a success or not. I was SUPER pleased that I spent the time.

If I ever need a 3rd surgery (please please please I hope I don't), I would use my surgeon but I indeed would get an extra opinion because each "opportunity" is worth the 2nd opinion...you owe yourself!

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Similar here

So far I've used Neurosurgeons for my spine, but I did get a second opinion this time from and Orthopedic-surgeon, and except for a little more detail of the bone factor, his surgery suggestion was virtually identical to my NS. I still stayed with my NS...

Angela, at a minimum, I think it helps me to confirm I am doing the right thing, which helped me calm down and get surgery. It might be your family wants to be sure that you have confidence and too options if the second or third opinions vary. Good luck with it! Smile


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I agree that 2nd opinions help

to alleviate some concerns about what, if anything, the first one is proposing. However, it can be so confusing when their recommendations conflict.

In the past 5 years I have actually had about 4 consultant opinions and on the strength of them have had 2 previous surgeries, numerous facet/epidural injections, pain management, physiotherapy etc., you name it, I've had it. When I saw the last orthopaedic surgeon it was his confidence in his own abilities and my total faith and trust in him (and his team) that decided on the course of action I eventually agreed to (2-level fusion).

By all means get a 2nd opinion (and it's great that your family are looking out for you) and if, after that, you still feel happier with the first opinion, then go for it.

2 x Microdiscectomy 2005 / PLIFusion 2-level 2010 / revision surgery 2011 / NEVRO Senza spinal cord stimulator implanted February 2013. I WILL NOT GIVE IN / UP !!

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I got my first opinion 10

I got my first opinion 10 years before I had surgery. Wish I would have gotten a second opinion right then but being young and gullable I believed the "doctor" when he said nothing could be done. He recommended I go on permenant restrictions of basically doing nothing. I ignored him and continued my life on as much ibuprophen as I could stomach. A little over a year ago, after months of not being able to put my right heel on the ground, I decided to go to an orthopedic emergency center. So yes sometimes a second opinion is more than worth the effort. I spent 10 years in sooooooo much pain that was avoidable. Perhaps another doctor would have told me the same thing back then or put me in PT to slow the slippage. Anyway it wouldn't hurt to hear another doctor's take on your condition. Actually I got a third opinion when my surgeon suggested fusion, but the third opinion was exactly the same, do the surgery or risk paralization and a host of other issues.

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I totally agree that second opinions

regarding surgical procedures for your Spine are extremely valuable.

The main reason is that you would like to have confirmation that what your first doctor is saying and their action plan would be the same.

It is also so important to stick with a doctor/surgeon that you feel comfortable with.

I was seeing a Shoulder specialist for about 4 years.
He was a very talented doctor and experienced orthopedic surgeon. However, when it came to having my shoulder completely replaced, I went with a surgeon who does the procedure many times a month vs the doctor who does only 2 or 3 a year.

When I meet the surgeon who did perform the surgery, I was immediately 100% comfortable with him and the results have been 100% positive.
That is the major reason I am having the other shoulder replaced by the same surgeon next month.

Ron DiLauro Spine-Health System Moderator
Dont laugh at me

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Great thoughts on second opinion. I am calling now to find someone!

You guys are great.