Did you lose or gain weight after surgery?

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Did you lose or gain weight after surgery?

Just wondering how most people did after surgery. Nerd I know you can't move much, but does your body use a lot for the healing process that weight gain is not an issue?

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lost weight

i have not had much of an appetite since my july 31st surgery. Lost five pounds when I weighed myself last week! I think the extra walking helps too.
NOW, I have a virus and lost another 4 since Friday..that won't last though once I do start eating something.

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Initally, I lost weight because my appetite was gone. However, after 2 months the pounds started adding on. They stayed there until I could become active again.


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mattsmom (not verified)
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Hi EMT lady! Tricky question

I initially lost a bit then I gained some weight
later on because I couldn't run anymore.

So I think your answer is dependent on individual circumstances ya know?

My weight gain was also to some steroid injections. THOSE caused me to put on weight, plus I developed a low thyroid which was a culprit too. LOL!

Good news is I did find a way to get to my ideal weight again eventually ...just had to go for long slow walks instead of running and eat even healthier to compensate for my lack of ability to excercise 'in the extreme' like I was used to. Smile

Those viruses can be something aren't they dbullwinkel..dropped 10 # in a week this spring.zowee.Not a good 'weigh' to lose weight. Sad

roxy54321 (not verified)
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i was in halo traction for

i was in halo traction for four days before my surgery. i had weights suspended from my head by two large bolts that were drilled into my head. considering i laid flat for that time 24-7 i lost about ten pounds.

after both my surgeries i lost another ten. just no desire for food and no being active really suppressed my appetite.

mind u i only wieghed 125 lbs. but . . .. a couple big macs and fries and that weight comes back easy. lol

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Lost, gained.....

Lost and gained and then steroids made me gain, gain, gain and gain some more. Then lost that and now the Lyrica is helping me gain again..... or is it the chocolate that all of a sudden tastes so good? Without being able to exercise for 2 years I am amazed I haven't gained more, but then I don't feel hunger anymore. I lost that after my fusion. I don't feel full anymore either.

shay7721 (not verified)
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GAINED...GAINED...GAINED! I started our at a normal weight-it may depend on if you start out over weight or under weight or normal weight-I am not sure. I was so used to being active and for several weeks I could hardly make it to the mail box and back-plus all my meals were brought to me-I had no control over what I ate. Now...11 weeks post op-I am starting to lose the weight-I still need to lose about 5 lbs to get back to my pre op weight. I am working HARD at it though-diet ans walking at least 1 hr a day -up to 2 hours a day.

emtlady (not verified)
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I kinda figured Just

I kinda figured Crying Just thought maybe with the body using all those stores of energy to heal, it might come out even. Planning ahead to know what to expect. I am not going until March, so may try to get a "negative" balance before then so that in case I do gain, it won't be so bad. It will be better for my back anyways with a few pounds off even though I am very close to my "ideal" weight.

bbcrazy (not verified)
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I have lost 15 pounds since my surgery on August 5. The first few weeks nothing tasted good. Of course, I got my appetite back, but I have tried to maintain this loss. So far..so good. In fact I would like to lose just 4 more, but it is tricky to balance healing and dieting.


Cali-Sue (not verified)
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Hi EMTlady, good question!

Hi EMTlady, good question! I lost 40 pounds in the months before surgery, (pain is a good motivator Wink ). In the hospital I barely ate but did not loose a single pound. Now since surgery 12 weeks ago I have lost 6 pounds, ever so slow. I am walking daily and doing water PT and now regular PT. I am sure without the activity I would have been putting on instead of taking off the weight. I want to loose 36 more pounds, we will see Smile Sue

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The scale says I have

The scale says I have gained.
I'm 5'11" 225lbs. Heaviest I have ever been in my life.
Not sure what is going on. I have been excersizing like never before.
Cardio training every night for 1 hour. Eating more sensibly.

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