Disc Herniation L34, L45, and L5S1

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Disc Herniation L34, L45, and L5S1

I've had back pain for the last few years since an incident at work herniated three discs in my back and two more bulging. I ran the course of Physical Therapy and rest and returned to work 6 months later. Then last november, I had a fall at work and felt a pop in my lower back and hips and my legs went pins and needles in a split second. It took days for the numbness to subside, and now 8 months later, I still have pins and needles on and off. Included with leg cramping down one or both legs, sharp pains in my lower back, hips, and buttocks, aswell as cramping and spasms in my mid to upper back daily. Ive been approved for surgery by the neuro-surgeon, and just today cleared my I.M.E. by the Orthopedic surgeon.

The problem is that they suggested different procedures.

The Neuro-Surgeon to my understanding wants to tackle it with fusing some bone to my L5S1 to increase the distance. Procedure would be through my stomach, and then follow up with an operation going into my side to fix the L45 if the pain doesnt dissapiate from the first procedure.

The Orthopedic surgeon wants to do a disc replacement on both the L5S1 and L45 in one shot.

Question to the forum is who's right?