"electrical" zapping and pain in leg

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"electrical" zapping and pain in leg

Hi there.

First off, apologies, as I am having trouble explaining exactly what is going on , but I am wondering if anyone out there has experienced anything like what I am dealing with now - which is this awful pain in my leg, mostly below the knee, that feels as though I am being electrically shocked with a high voltage wire. The "shocks" come and go, but pain (deep) is always there.

Also having sever sensitivity in same area - light touch equates to extreme and deep pain.

Is this the nerves regenerating and healing? or dying off? temporary or permanent?

I'm about 4 weeks out from L4/5 discectomy (major herniations - about 1 inch squared) and 6 months out from L4/5, S1 laminectomy/discectomy. Just finished off a two week high dose stint on medrol (prednisone) with no effect what-so-ever, but now these electrical zaps are getting worse.

Thanks 4 input.


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I get those "zaps" in my

I get those "zaps" in my lower back that travel down my right leg following lumbar fusion surgery 16 months ago. My surgeon can't figure out what it is. Does it start in your back?

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Leg 'Zaps"

I had 3 lami's L3-5 and fusion of L4 and 5--9 weeks ago. am having similiar zapping in both feet--mostly in evening; but quite painful. Have been told by neurosurgeon that this is the nerves regenerating and can take up to 6 months and that many people c/o of this after decompression of the spinal cord. the numbness is supposed to resolve also. About 4 wks post-op the numb sensation became hypersensitive and i was given a dose pack of Decadron which did help for a while. I dont have the deep pain you describe; but best wishes to you.

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I have the same problem, and

I have the same problem, and turn out too be herniated dic
L4,L5,L5 S1 Nerve root damage. In pain all day 24/7. Just got approval for my ssdi after 3 yrs.

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I get it too

What a great name "electrical zapping" I get it in my back for no apparent reason. Last night I was lying on my side watching TV and bang!! It's like a bolt of lightening in my lower spine. Lasts only a few seconds and leaves a lingering ache. It's horrible isn't it. I'm still in lots of pain from my last surgery in April and on loads of meds that don't seem to be working. Waiting to hear from pain management dr. now.
Brian (London UK)